How to Know if Golf Club Too Short

Do you want to become a better golfer? Sure, it will help if you invest in equipment from the best golf club brands. If you are a newbie, it is also good to have the top golf drivers for high handicappers. Picking the right clubs also require looking at its technical specifications, especially the length.

If you are wondering if your golf club is too short, read on. we’ll share some tips so you can determine if the length is less than the minimum that you need. This way, it is easier to ensure that you have the right equipment to elevate your game.

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How to Know if Golf Club is Too Short

Stop guessing if your golf club is too short or not. Here are some of the best things to do so you can have a definite answer.

Measure the Golf Club

The first thing that you should do is to measure golf club length[how to measure golf club length]. This is the most accurate way of determining if it is too short for your height or needs. You will need a tape measure and run it from one end to another. It is also crucial to position it properly before measurement, which should be at the point before the address.

It is not enough that you measure the length of the golf club. Once done, the next step is to match it to the size recommendations by the manufacturer, which will depend on your height.

In most instances, a longer golf club is better if you want to improve distance. If it is too short, it can hinder your swing performance.

Watch Your Swing Path

Another good indicator of a golf club that is too short is your swing path. The shorter the golf club is, the more room there is between the club and the player. This can take your swing to an inside path, which will increase the possibility of a mishit.

If you see that something feels off with your swing path, start thinking of the reasons. Obviously, it can be because you are just swinging it wrong. Alternatively, another possibility is that your golf club is shorter than what you need.

Check Your Posture

Another tell-tale sign that the golf club is shorter than what you need is your posture. The latter can suffer when the golf club is of the wrong length. As a result, you will be compromising your shot, increasing the chances that the ball won’t be directing where you want it to be.

When the golf club is too short, you will be over-bending. This can cause unnecessary strain on your body. The longer you play, the more evident the strain will be. Not to mention, poor posture will ruin your spine angle. As a result, you won’t be able to turn efficiently. This can also harm your backswing and follow-through.

Additionally, poor posture results in improper weight distribution. Hence, most of your weight will be going to your toes when you bend to reach the golf ball. You will feel like tilting forward when you are swinging, which also affects the outcome of the shot.

Feel Your Tempo

Most beginners will not notice their tempo. Nonetheless, this is crucial as it affects your performance. Using a golf club that is too short for your height can result in having a tempo that is too fast.

The tendency is that when your golf club is shorter, you will swing too fast. Most people will think that it is good since speed is correlated to power. Even if such is the case, the tempo may end up being too fast and your body might find it impossible to keep up, especially if you are a newbie. This can also end up compromising your consistency.


In sum, you can know if your golf club is too short by measuring its length. This is the easiest and most accurate way. Nonetheless, you can also watch out on your swing path, posture, and tempo. If the length is less than what is ideal, you should know how to change golf club length. Through an easy DIY task, you can personalize your golf club in such a way that it meets your needs.