How to Make Golf Club Covers

Whether you have good hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers or top golf drivers for seniors, you must protect your investment. Among others, one thing that you will need is a golf club cover. It protects against dirt and dust while also preventing the golf clubheads from getting in contact, minimizing the possibility of scratches and dents.

Sure, you can buy covers at affordable prices. Nonetheless, if you have time and effort to spare, you can make golf club covers yourself. It might seem intimidating, but it you have the materials and you know how to do it right, it will be an easy and rewarding project.

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How to Make Golf Club Covers

From making a wooden golf club[how to make a wooden golf club] to applying lead tape to golf clubs[how to apply lead tape to golf clubs], golfers have many DIY tasks to experiment with. If your goal is to make golf club covers, here’s how you can do it.

Gather Your Materials

The first step is to prepare the materials that you will need. This will depend on the quality and look of the golf club that you would like to make.

For the cover itself, canvas or any fabric will make a great choice. They are easy to work with. At the same time, they will also be a breeze to clean. The latter is important since it is sure to get dirty over time, especially if you often use the golf clubs. A tube sock is also great, especially easily accessible. Scissors and threads are also must-haves.

Draw the Pattern

Next, draw a pattern on the fabric or whatever material you are working with. Trace it with a marker or anything else that will make you easily see the pattern. Lay the material on a flat surface, put the golf club on the top, and trace.

Cut the Fabric

After tracing, it is now time to cut the fabric that you will be using in your golf club. You will need two pieces of the same pattern, which will be the front and back of the cover. It is best to add half or one inch to the fabric, which will give way to the thickness of the golf club.

Sew or Glue the Fabric

With the front and back parts now ready, it is time to connect the pieces. You can sew it with a needle and thread. Alternatively, you can also use a glue or adhesive. Let it dry and you now have the bottom part of the cover.

Attach the Sock

Next, work on the upper part of the golf club cover, which is made of a tube sock. Cut the sock and wrap it around the top part of the club head. Once the diameter is right, sew the sock so that it will be closed. Attach it to the cover that you have earlier made.

Slide the Cover

Now is the time to put the cover in the golf club. Open the sock and put it in the clubhead. Pull until the fabric covers the club head.


If you have the time and effort to spare, why not make golf club covers instead of buying one? You can do so by following the steps above. Start by making the actual cover then attach it to a tube sock. With this easy DIY project, you can protect golf clubs from damage while using recycled materials.