How to Make a Golf Club Out of Cardboard

With the best golf drivers for mid handicappers and top 60-degree wedges, you can take your game to the next level. Armed with the best equipment, it is easier to show off your golf skills. Even young players will need such equipment. Nonetheless, you don’t have to buy right away. If you want to save money, you should know how to make a golf club out of cardboard.

With golf club cutouts from cardboard, kids will have something to play with to be acquainted with the sport. After such an experience, they can take it a notch higher and invest in actual equipment.

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How to Make a Golf Club Out of Cardboard

From how to cut down golf clubs for juniors to how to measure golf club length for juniors, parents should learn many things when introducing golf to the little ones. Below, however, our focus is on making a golf club cutout using a cardboard. This is a cheap but efficient way to let kids play golf without investing in real and expensive equipment. Plus, it is lightweight, which means that kids can swing easily.

Start by Getting a Cardboard

The first step is to get a cardboard ready. It should be big enough depending on the size of the cutout that you would like to make.

Draw on the Cardboard

Once you have the cardboard ready, start drawing the pattern of the golf club. You can trace an actual golf club to make this task easier, but make sure to adjust the length accordingly, depending on the requirements of the user.

Start Cutting

With the golf club pattern now visible on the cardboard, the next thing to do is to cut. The best way to do this is to use a cutter instead of scissors. Follow the pattern from one end to the other.

Cut One or Two More Patterns

After doing the first cut, trace the golf club on a cardboard and cut again. Do this up to two more times, depending on how thick you want the golf club to be.

Stick the Cardboards

Now, you have up to three golf club patterns with the same size. The next thing to do is to glue them. Essentially, there will be three cardboard pieced together. This way, they will be thicker, making the golf club strpnger when a golf ball is hit.


Take golf playtime with the little ones to the next level by making a golf club out of a cardboard. Follow the steps mentioned above and you can give your kids something to play with and help them improve their golf skills.