How to Make a Snake Hook From a Golf Club

Snakes are scary creatures, but if you know how to handle them the right way, there is a high chance that they will not hurt you. Among others, one thing that you will need is a snake hook. In a nutshell, it will let you capture and transport a snake from one location to another without hurting the reptile.

If you want to learn how to make a snake hook from a golf club, read on and learn from the tips we’ll share below.

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How to Make a Snake Hook From a Golf Club

Just like making a wooden golf club[how to make a wooden golf club] or building a golf club storage rack[how to build a golf club storage rack], you will need to get a bit creative. With a bit of time and effort to spare, here’s how you can transform a golf club into a functional snake hook.

Find the Club to Use

To start with, you will need to find a golf club that you will use for this task. It should be something old or damaged. Do not use one that you can still be playing with. You should not buy brand-new driver as well just for the purpose of transforming it into a snake hook. Such is a waste of money. The point of this task is to recycle old golf clubs and transform into a snake hook.

If you need a short snake hook, then you can use a putter. On the other hand, if you want it to be a bit longer, the best golf driver shafts will come in handy.

Cut the Head of the Golf Club

Once you found the golf club to use for this task, the next step is to cut the club head. Before doing so, you must keep it in a stable position, so you will need a vise grip. The latter will help you work safely instead of holding it with one hand while cutting it with the other.

To cut, you will need an angle grinder. The procedure is the same as you would when cutting a graphite golf club shaft[how to cut a graphite golf club shaft]. Turn the angle grinder on and cut based on the length of the snake hook that you would like to make.

Cut and Bend a Metal Rod

Next, proceed to making the hook. You will need an aluminum rod for this. While you can choose other metal rods, we recommend going for aluminum because it is easier to work with, so you can bend it in a breeze.

Cut the end of the rod depending on how large you want the hook to be. Insert the rod in a vise and use a wrench to bend the aluminum. Go online and look for pictures of snake hooks so you can have an idea on how to bend it properly.

Insert the other end on the vise grip and bend it. Apply force but go slow to avoid breaking the rod.

Attach the Hook to the Rod

Once you are done bending the metal rod into the shape of the hook, attach it to the golf club shaft. You can use an epoxy, glue, or any adhesive, as long as it is strong enough to keep the connection and safely transport the snake. Wipe any excess adhesive and wait for the hook to dry before using the finished product.


If you have top affordable golf drivers that you would like to repurpose, why not transform it into a snake hook? As mentioned above, it is as easy as cutting a shaft and attaching an aluminum rod that you have shaped into a hook.