How to Measure Golf Club Length for Beginners

A good golf game goes beyond mastery of the fundamental techniques. It is also about the equipment you are using. No wonder, people invest in the best golf club brands to elevate their performance.

However, take note that not all golf clubs are the same. Scrutinize all options and see how it is right for you. Among others, one thing to look at is the length. Read on as we talk about the basics of measuring golf club length. By learning the latter, you can find which one is the best fit for your needs.

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How to Measure Golf Club Length for Beginners

Different people may have different approaches to measuring a golf club. Fitting a golf club[how to fit golf club] may have varying requirements depending on the user or the club fitter. Below, however, we will focus on the two main methods of determining golf club length.

Using The Ruler Technique

The simplest way to measure golf club length is to use the ruler technique. Aside from the golf club, you will need a ruler. The latter should have a minimum length of 48 inches. If you do not have a ruler, use a measuring tape. However, we recommend against the latter because its flexibility might make the measurement difficult and can make the numbers inaccurate.

  1. Start by putting the golf club in a playing position. You must assume your normal grip.
  2. As you position the golf club, see to it that the middle part of the sole is touching the ground.
  3. Put the ruler behind the golf club directly on the part on the ground.
  4. Run the ruler from the part of the golf club on the ground until the top of the shaft.
  5. Record the measurement.

Using the USGA Technique

Alternatively, you can also use the standard technique that the USGA uses for measuring golf club length. You will need a high-end equipment to complete the measurement. Most of you will probably not have it. Plus, it does not make sense investing in one if you won’t be using it a lot.

  1. While it is optional, start by calibrating the measuring equipment. This way, you can have a better assurance of its accuracy.
  2. Use the equipment’s clubhead. This is where the clubhead should rest, which will make it easy to take the necessary measurement.
  3. Position the sole plate at a 60-degree angle.
  4. Rest the grip on the grip support of the measuring device.
  5. Take note of the measurement in the device.

Essential Considerations in Measuring Golf Club Length

As you measure the golf club length, there are two important things to keep in mind, which will help you to pick the right one for your needs. Among others, you should consider the height of the player and match it to the golf club. The top driver shafts should complement your height. Obviously, taller players will require longer golf clubs.

More so, you also need to consider wrist to floor distance in the measurement of golf club length. Stand straight while your arms are hanging loose on your side. Measure the distance from your wrist to the floor. The taller you are, the farther your wrist will be off the ground. Most manufacturers will list the recommended height and wrist to floor ratio of the golf clubs that they are offering.


The right length of a golf club is crucial for unleashing your best performance. You can measure it using a ruler or a USGA equipment that is built specifically for such a purpose. More so, you will need to match it with your height and wrist to ground ratio. If it is not right, then you should know how to change golf club length so that it will match your requirements.