How to Measure Golf Club Speed

Measuring golf club speed is important because it determines how far the golf ball will travel. It has a direct link to the power of your swing. Whether you are using the best TaylorMade drivers or top Callaway irons, finding the speed is crucial for understanding your performance.

Luckily, measuring golf club speed does not have to be too technical. Read on and we’ll let you know some of your best options for knowing golf club speed.

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How to Measure Golf Club Speed

Do not be left guessing about the speed of your golf club. You have some choices on how you can do so, including those that we’ll briefly talk about below.

Measure Manually

If you want to measure the speed manually, then you will need to hit 10 to 20 balls. Visit a driving range or golf course, whatever is accessible. Record the distance of the balls you have hit. For more accurate data representation, omit the nearest and farthest golf ball. Add the remaining distances and divide them by the number of balls that you hit, minus the nearest and farthest balls. Next, divide it with 2.3. The resulting number is the average speed of the golf club, which is measured in miles per hour.

Use an Automatic Measuring Device

Alternatively, you can use automated devices to help you determine golf club speed. They are expensive, but they are worth every dollar if you want to take your golf game to the next level.

Among others, one equipment that will be helpful is a golf launch monitor. This electronic device will help you gauge various measurements by monitoring the golf ball as it is struck. It is often used for improving golf club swing and in fitting. It can even be helpful in changing golf club swing weight[how to change golf club swing weight].

Another equipment that will be equally useful is a golf speed radar. It has a velocity sensor that relies on Doppler radar technology to measure swing speed.

You will also benefit from using a golf laser rangefinder. It is another handy device that will help you analyze your golf mechanics, including your swing speed.


From calculating MOI of a golf club[how to calculate MOI of a golf club] to determining golf club distances, there are many measurements golfers should learn. Analyzing golf club speed is vital in measuring your performance, and more importantly, in determining how you can improve. While you can do so manually, if you want it to be more accurate, then you can use devices like a golf launch monitor, golf speed radar, and golf laser rangefinder. With the help of these devices, you can become a better golfer.