How to Organize Golf Clubs in Bag

From the best golf drivers for high handicappers to the top golf irons for seniors, your golf clubs need tender loving care. Protect them from dirt and dust, among other external elements that can speed up wear. That said, you need a golf bag, which will keep the clubs organized and accessible.

It is not enough that you just put the clubs in a bag without minding their arrangement. Read on as we share some tips on organizing your golf bag.

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How to Organize Golf Clubs in Bag

Like with organizing golf clubs in garage[how to organize golf clubs in garage], organizing them in a bag requires careful thought. The priority is to make them accessible while also maximizing protection.

Consider the Type of Golf Bag

The first step is to think about the type of golf bag that you have as this will dictate the proper way of organizing golf clubs. The most important consideration is the number of slots you have. The more slots there are, the more clubs you can store. If the slot can handle only one club at a time, do not force more than such.

Place the Tallest Clubs at the Back

One of the general rules of organizing a golf club bag is to put the longest in the back. You will need to arrange them by height so that they look neat and easy to pull once needed. The longest clubs include drivers, long irons, and 3 woods. They should be at the rear, next to the spine of the bag. When you remove these clubs, there is minimal chance that you will be damaging the shorter ones.

Put Medium Clubs in the Middle

The medium clubs should go in the center part of the bag. Some of the most common clubs that you will find in this section are 5 and 7 irons.

Arrange the Short Clubs in the Front

Meanwhile, your short clubs should go to the front portion of the bag. This is where short irons, putters, and wedges should go. Arrange them in numerical order. In some bags, there is a specific slot for putters, so make sure to use it.


Organizing golf clubs in a bag is easy! The most important rule to follow is to arrange them by height. The tallest should go at the back and the shortest in the front. Utilize the slots, which can be specific for a certain golf club. Meanwhile, if a bag is not enough, consider making golf club covers[how to make golf club covers] for a higher level of protection.