How to Organize Golf Clubs in Garage

Do not leave your golf clubs scattered at home. Instead, keep them in a single location where they are easily accessible while also being protected from external elements that contribute to wear. Among others, one of the best places to keep them is in the garage.

Especially if you have a lot of golf clubs, organizing them in a garage can be overwhelming. Read on and learn from the tips we’ll share.

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How to Organize Golf Clubs in Garage

Whether you have the top golf wedges for mid handicappers or best golf irons for high handicappers, it is a must that you protect them. You can keep them in a garage but doing so requires careful planning.

Keep Them in a Bag

Organizing golf clubs in a bag[how to organize golf clubs in bag] will protect against dirt and dust while also making them easily accessible. The good thing about this is that it is always ready to go. When you are about to play, you can just grab the bag instead of transferring them from a rack or cabinet to a bag.

If you opt to keep the golf clubs in a bag, the most important is to arrange them by height. The tallest clubs should go at the back while the shortest should be in front. This will make them easy to pull while minimizing the risk of damage.

Build a Rack

Another great option for storing clubs in a garage is building a storage rack[how to build a golf club storage rack]. This is an easy DIY task if you have the tools and skills. Racks are good if you want to see the golf clubs. However, since it does not have a cover, the clubs are exposed to dirt and dust, which can speed up damage.

Put them in a Cabinet

A cabinet is another effective storage solution for your golf clubs. This is effective in protecting against external elements that can cause premature wear. It is also a great option if you need to store a lot of clubs. The size of the cabinet depends on the number of golf clubs that you will need to store.

Prepare for Long-Term Storage

If you do not intend to play golf for some time, you should prepare for your golf clubs’ long-term storage in the garage. The first thing to do is to deep clean the clubs. By cleaning golf clubs[how to clean golf clubs at home] before storage, it is easy to keep their mint condition over time. It is best to keep them in a bag or cabinet if you intend to put the clubs in your garage.


Storing golf clubs in the garage is a great way to protect the clubs from premature wear. Keep them in a bag or cabinet if you do not want the clubs exposed to dirt. Alternatively, if you want to see them always and easily access the clubs when needed, you might want to consider building a golf club storage rack in the garage instead.