How to Prevent Golf Club Chatter

Organizing golf clubs in a bag[how to organize golf clubs in bag] is an easy way to organize your golf equipment while also making them easily accessible. However, if you are using the wrong bag or if the clubs are not properly arranged, golf club chatter is possible. The latter is a situation when the clubs are constantly banging as your bag moves. Over time, it can scratch and damage the golf clubs, so you must find a way to prevent such.

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How to Prevent Golf Club Chatter

The best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers and top muscle back irons come at a price. To make the most of your investment, you should be proactive in taking care of your golf clubs. Keeping them in a nice bag is not enough. You also have to do something to avoid chatter, which is possible by doing the things mentioned below.

Find the Right Bag

Among others, one of the most effective ways of preventing chatter is the use of the right bag. Avoid bags with a single place to put all your golf clubs. Instead, we recommend opting for one that comes with individual slots. This way, each club will have its respective place, which will prevent being in physical contact with the other clubs in your bag.

Use Golf Club Covers

Another practical but effective solution for preventing golf club chatter is to use covers for the heads. They will protect the heads from scratches, dents, and other potential damages. While they are cheap, you can also make one yourself. Making golf club covers[how to make golf club covers] is an easy and fun DIY task that you might want to try.

Wrap a Towel

Using a towel is another quick fix for golf club chatter. Use a towel that is large enough to cover the clubs that you have while still being compact to fit in the bag. You just have to wrap the head or the lower portion. Find a towel that is thick enough to create an effective cushion between golf clubs.


As mentioned above, preventing golf club chatter is easy. Using the right bag is the most important, especially one that comes with individual slots for the clubs. A golf club cover is also a must. Lastly, you can weave the clubs in a bath towel, which will prevent the heads from rubbing.