How to Remove Golf Club Extensions

Extensions are useful for extending the length of a golf club. It is great for people who have grown taller and now needs their club to be longer than its original length. However, there are also instances when you might want to remove the extensions, and that is what you will find out in this short guide. Make the most of your equipment from the top golf club brands by changing its length as you desire.

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How to Remove Golf Club Extensions

Working with the best driver shafts, or shafts of any golf club, can be intimidating to the uninitiated. If you do it wrong, you might not find any remedy to restore the original length, making the club useless. To remove the extensions, follow the steps I will talk about below.

Secure the Golf Club

The first thing that you will need to do is to secure the golf club. Working is a lot easier when you have it in a steady position and without the need to hold it with your hand. When both of your hands are free, you can move with freedom to make this DIY task a lot easier.

Heat the Hosel

In case you do not know, the hosel is the part of the golf club that serves as the connector between the clubhead and the shaft. To remove such, apply heat. You can use a heat torch or heat gun to do so. It will break the adhesive, which is usually glue. In turn, it will be easier to remove.

Take the Hosel Off

After heating the hosel, you can now remove it. Before doing so, make sure that you are wearing gloves since it will be hot. With your hand wrapped around the clubhead, twist and turn until it loosens. If it is wiggling freely, pull the head and the hosel. If it appears to be stuck, you might want to apply more heat to weaken the bond.

Remove the Extension

At this point, you already have a free access to the extension. Remove it to restore the length of the golf club that suits your preference. This will let you change the golf club length[how to change golf club length], so you can optimize its performance.


Removing golf club extensions is a process similar to changing golf club shaft[how to change golf club shaft]. It requires putting the club in a stable position so you can work easily. Heat the hosel, remove the golf clubhead, and adjust the length as you desire by removing the extension.