How to Remove Golf Club Security Tag

I am not accusing anyone of theft here, but in case you have a golf club with a security tag, we got you covered!

Having a tag in a golf club can happen for many reasons. For instance, you could have bought it online and the seller accidentally sent it without removing the tag. Even some stores can make an honest mistake.

Whether you have the best golf drivers for distance or top golf irons for mid handicappers, you cannot use them when the security tag is still in it. This quick guide lists down some of the most promising solutions.

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How to Remove Golf Club Security Tag

If you ever find yourself in a situation with a security tag in a golf club, below are some of the things that you can do.

Return the Golf Club

One of the easiest solutions is to return the golf club to the seller. If you live nearby, then it is convenient since you can just drop by the store and let them get rid of the golf tag. Make sure to bring a receipt, so that the seller can verify that it was indeed a legitimate purchase.

If you purchase online, contact the seller and ask them that they have left the security tag unremoved. They will probably shoulder the shipping fee for the return. Nonetheless, some people may not like this solution because it can be slow and cumbersome, especially if you have bought the golf club from an international seller.

Use a Rubber Band

Hold the golf club in such a way that the ink cartridge is facing down. The cartridge is the opposite of the pin. It is the open part of the security tag. Wrap a rubber band around the tag. Consider using up to three pieces so that it will be thick. Hold the larger pin with your hand while the other hand is on the other side. Twist and pull. Apply enough force so that the tag will separate from the golf club.

Use a Screwdriver

This may not always work, but if you are lucky, this could be the solution that you are looking for. Put the golf club on the floor or in a vise grip if you want it to be more stable. The security tag should be facing up. Hold a flathead screwdriver and insert it on the gap on the security tag. Apply enough force to lift the top part of the tag until it loosens or breaks.

Use a Magnet

Not all magnets may work for this option, but it is well worth a try. There are several online stores selling a detacher which is the same device used in stores for removing security tags. One detacher has various strong magnets, which will remove the security tag. All that you will need to do is to put the tag on the top and it will be taken out.


Our website has shared some useful insights about golf to our readers. From carrying golf clubs on a plane[how to carry golf clubs on a plane] to fixing golf club ferrules[how to fix golf club ferrules], we have talked about anything under the sun. In this guide, we focused about removing the security tag in your golf club. You can return it to the store or buy a detacher with several strong magnets. Alternatively, you can also try using simple materials like rubber bands and screwdriver.