How to Remove Grip Tape from Golf Club

Over time, even the best Callaway irons or top TaylorMade drivers are prone to wear. Different parts can experience various problems. Among others, one that is often affected is the grip. Luckily, you can save your golf club by removing the grip tape and changing it with a new one. You do not need to pay a pro to do the job. This is an easy DIY task that you can complete by doing the things mentioned in this short guide.

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Why Should You Remove Grip Tape?

The most common reason why people remove grip tape is to replace it with a new one. Over time, with exposure to the heat, rain, dust, and sweat, among other things, it is inevitable that the grip tape deteriorates. I will not only turn unsightly, but it can also be uncomfortable and will have a negative impact on your performance.

At the same time, changing the grip tape can also add a bit of weight and increase the diameter of the golf club to suit your preference. This way, you can customize it depending on your needs.

How to Remove Grip Tape from Golf Club

If you are interested in changing golf club grips[how to change golf club grips], the first thing that you need to know is how to remove the current grip. Here’s how you can do so.

Position the Golf Club

To start with, you will need to put the golf club in a stable position. You will need a vise grip, which is where you will clamp the golf club. This is better than holding the golf club with your hand. Using a grip means that both hands are free, and hence, it is easier to work.

Heat the Shaft

With the golf club now in position, the next thing to do is to heat the shaft. You will need a heat gun for this step. The purpose of this is to dissolve the adhesive under the grip. This way, you can remove it easily. You will need to heat the grip for about ten minutes or until you feel that it is soft enough to be taken off.

Remove the Grip

At this point, the surface is hot, so make sure that you are wearing gloves for your safety. Use a knife to cut vertically and peel. Apply enough force when taking the grip tape out. There are instances when it will be too tough to remove, so be patient. If you still cannot remove the grip tape, consider applying more heat.

Wipe with Acetone

Now that you have taken out the old grip from the golf club shaft, wipe the surface with acetone. The goal of this step is to soften the residue, so you can remove it quickly. This way, there will be no sticky portions. Wipe with a cloth when you are done. This will make the surface smoother.


Are you thinking of refurbishing golf club grips[how to refurbish golf club grips]? The first thing that you should do is remove the old grip. As mentioned above, you need to put the golf club in a stable position and heat the grip, which makes it easier to pull. Peel it off and apply acetone to remove the residue on the surface of the golf club.