How to Remove Lead Tape from Golf Club

From the best golf drivers for seniors to the top golf irons for high handicappers, users have many options for customization. Among others, one of the things that you can do is to put a lead tape on the golf club. The main purpose of the latter is to add weight. Nonetheless, at one point, you might realize that you no longer want the tape. When that happens, read on and we’ll give you a short guide on lead tape removal in a golf club.

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What is Lead Tape in a Golf Club?

It might seem like it is a thing of the past, but lead tape is still valuable in today’s golf clubs, especially for those who would like to personalize their equipment. It is used for adding weight to the various parts of a golf club, such as the clubhead or the shaft. It changes not only the weight of the golf club but also how it feels when you are playing.

Why Should You Remove Lead Tape in a Golf Club?

While a lead tape is effective, there comes a time when it will deteriorate, and hence, you would want to remove it. The exposure to external elements like rain and sweat can damage lead tape, making it less functional. You might also want to replace it with a thicker tape to make the club heavier or reduce the tape if you want it lighter. Either way, you must learn how to remove it properly.

How to Remove Lead Tape from Golf Club

Adding a lead tape will help you change golf club swing weight[how to change golf club swing weight], making it more suitable for your needs. When the time comes that you no longer need it, removing a lead tape from a golf club is easy.

Clamp the Golf Club

As with other golf-related DIY tasks, such as removing grip tape from a golf club[how to remove grip tape from golf club], it is best if you will have a vise grip. It will clamp the golf club, putting it in a stable position and leaving your hands free to do the work.

Heat the Lead Tape

With the golf club now in a stable position, the next thing to do is to heat the lead tape in the golf club. This will soften the hold, which will make it easier to take out later. You will need a heat gun or hair dryer to do this. With heat applied on the surface, the adhesive will weaken, so you do not have to apply too strong of a force for the lead tape removal.

Lift the Corner

Use a knife or any sharp object to cut the corner. Once it is cut, lift it slowly. Apply more heat on the lead tape so that it will become softer. Peel the lead tape until you have taken everything out of the shaft.

Remove the Residues

With the lead tape now out of the golf club, your job is not yet done. The next thing to do is to make the surface smoother, which requires getting rid of the sticky residues. You can use acetone or solvent to do this. Pour it in a paper towel and wipe the residue. A putty knife can also help.


Overall, removing a lead tape is a quick and easy DIY task. Put it in a stable position, heat the lead tape, cut on the corner, and peel. Finish it off by applying a solvent or similar material on the shaft to get rid of sticky residues.