How to Repair a Chipped Golf Club

From the best golf irons for mid handicappers to the top golf drivers for distance, almost any kind of golf club is prone to chipping over time. This can be a result of frequent contact with hard surfaces. At the same time, it could also be simply because the paint job has been poorly done.

If you notice chipping in your golf club, no need to worry! You do not have to instantly get a new one. Through a simple DIY task, you can repair the damage and make it look like new. Read on as I walk you through some of the best things to do.

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Why Do Golf Clubs Chip?

The most common reason why golf clubs chip is because they are in contact with each other. When metal touches metal, chipping can be a problem, not just scratches. Chips are deeper than scratches, which also makes it more challenging to repair. The best preventive measure for such is to learn how to organize golf clubs in bag.

More so, chipping can also be because of poor construction. For instance, it could be that the paint is too thin, which makes the surface easily prone to damage, including chipping. With this, you should choose a golf club made of top-notch materials if you would like to avoid chipping.

How to Repair a Chipped Golf Club

Ready to get rid of the unsightly and bothering chip in your golf club? Below are some of the best things to do.

Paint The Golf Club

When you golf club chips, the paint peels. Hence, one of the quickest fixes is painting a golf club[how to paint a golf club]. It will not only hide the chip, but it also changes the appearance of the golf club, making it better-looking.

To start, you will need to remove paint from a golf club[how to remove paint from a golf club]. You can do this by using a commercial paint remover. Once removed, sand the surface. This is important for preparing the area, which will let paint adhere. When it is clean, it is time to paint. Apply several layers depending on the thickness that you prefer. Thicker paint can hide more serious superficial damages to the golf club. Let it dry and apply protective coating to create a barrier that protects against premature wear.

Put Lead Tape

Lead tape is used in golf to make quick customizations with various goals. You can apply it in almost any part of a golf club, including the head and shaft. It will change both the weight and feel of the golf club. It will help you hit straighter and further through the weight that it adds to the golf club.

More so, applying lead tape to golf clubs[how to apply lead tape to golf clubs] is effective in hiding imperfections, including chips. The best thing is that it is easy to apply. Apply it on the part of the golf club with chips and you can instantly change the appearance. Be wary when using it on the grip, making sure that you remain comfortable. Otherwise, it can be difficult to hold, which can hurt your performance.

Apply Epoxy

Depending on the extent of the chip, another good solution is to use epoxy. Once it hardens, it will create an even surface that will hide the dent. This is especially useful when there are big areas of the golf club affected by chipping.

Before applying epoxy, clean and dry the surface with chip. Follow the instructions from the maker of the epoxy. Let it dry and sand to create a smoother surface. Once dry, paint it over to match the overall look of the golf club.

Can I Use a Chipped Golf Club?

Yes, you can use a chipped golf club. Most of the time, the damage is only artificial. This means that it won’t affect your overall in-game performance, especially if it is only a small chip. Despite this, it can be frustrating for many people.

Can I Return a Chipped Golf Club?

There are two things that will come into play – the warranty and the reason for the damage. If it is still covered by the warranty and if the damage is not a result of negligent use, then you can return it to the seller. You might receive a refund or replacement. Nonetheless, take note that the policies may differ, so check out the terms and conditions.


If you have a chipped golf club, you do not have to throw it away! With a bit of time and effort to spare, it can still be saved! Paint, lead tape, and epoxy are some of the best solutions that are worth considering. They will hide the damage and make the golf club look like new without the need to spend a fortune! The best thing is that doing so can be an easy DIY task instead of paying a professional to do the job.