How to Repair Sky Marks on Golf Club

Whether it is for the best golf drivers for high handicappers or top golf irons for seniors, golf clubs are prone to several problems over time. Most will leave a cosmetic damage, leaving your equipment unsightly. In severe cases, however, it can also harm your game, making it important to address any issue immediately.

Among others, sky marks are some of the most common issues in golf clubs. If you are clueless about how to deal with such, read on and learn from some of the insights we’ll be sharing.

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What are Sky Marks in Golf Clubs?

Sky marks are the white marks that you will see in the head of a golf club, often the driver. Even seasoned players may not hit the golf ball properly. Instead of hitting through the face of the club, you might end up doing so using the top portion of the clubhead. It can leave sky marks on the surface. More than just being ugly, it is also an embarrassment for some golfers, since it is a sign of a wrong shot.

How to Repair Sky Marks on Golf Club

Like repairing a chipped golf club[how to repair a chipped golf club], repairing sky marks can also be an easy DIY task. Below, we’ll quickly look at some of the most promising solutions to try.

Magic Eraser

While you can use many commercial products, one that can deliver optimal outcomes is Magic Eraser. The latter is the name of one product that has been used for years for erasing many things. It is a Durafoam sponge, which the company markets as an all-around cleaning tool. One of its main components is melamine foam, which is a porous abrasive for sanding. More so, it also has tiny air pockets that can scrape stains. Its nitrogen-rich base is the one that is largely responsible for its effectiveness.

Start by removing the clubhead from the assembly of the golf club. This will make it easier for you to work. Or, if you have a vise grip, clamp the club so that it will be steady while you work. Clean the club and let it dry. Scrub Magic Eraser on the sky mark. Rinse and repeat the process if you can still see unsightly marks.

Car Wax

Wax is not just for making your cars look better. It is also effective when you use it for repairing sky marks in a golf club. If you are picking a wax to use, choose the lightest option possible. Thicker versions will have heavier compounds, which can do more harm than good for your golf club.

Use a damp cloth for cleaning the club and wait until it is dry. In a clean cloth, pour a rubbing compound and rub it on the sky mark. Use circular motions when doing this. After, you can now put wax on a cloth and scrub on the sky mark with the same circular motion. Be as gentle as possible, so you can avoid scratching the golf club.


Painting a golf club[how to paint a golf club] is another solution that you might want to consider. This is especially a great alternative if the sky marks are deep. If you cannot get them out using Magic Eraser or car wax, the next best option is to paint it over. Not only that it will hide the unsightly marks, but this will also give your golf club a new life.

If you opt for this method, the first step is cleaning. Removing paint from a golf club[how to remove paint from a golf club] is important so that the new paint can have better adherence. Sanding the surface will also help. Once you are done with the surface preparation, time to apply the paint. You will need to apply multiple layers if the sky marks are deep. Let it dry and apply protective coating, which will act as a barrier to prevent premature wear.

How Can You Prevent Sky Marks in a Golf Club?

The best way to prevent sky marks is to develop your swing. By doing the latter, you can improve accuracy, increasing the chances that you will be hitting the ball at the right part of the clubhead. Teeing off too high or hitting the ball straight into the clubface are some of the things that can leave sky marks, so it is best if you can avoid such. You can also prevent it by keeping the clubs organized, so they will not be in contact with other metals or objects.


Sky marks are frustrating! They are also embarrassing! Good thing, you can hide them with a few quick fixes, such as using Magic Eraser or car wax. On the other hand, when it is deep, the best option is to use paint instead, which can even give the golf club a new look.