How to Swing a Golf Club if You are Overweight

Playing golf as an overweight may have significant impact on your game. It is not enough that you use the right equipment, such as the best golf drivers for distance or top golf irons for mid handicappers. Instead, you should also learn the best techniques, including swing.

While we are not trying to discourage overweight golfers, the truth is it is difficult to move. Your swing will be limited, and hence, will compromise the way it sends the ball where you want it to be. To prevent such from happening, read on and learn from the tips we’ll share in this short guide.

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How Does Body Weight Affect Golf Swing?

Before we discuss specific tips, allow us to briefly talk about why being overweight affects your golf swing. On top of it all, being overweight makes it difficult to move. Going around the golf course feels like a struggle. Many times, you will feel like you are catching your breath or that you are losing energy. In all of these instances, your swing can be compromised.

More so, being overweight also affects your balance. It can be challenging for your body to distribute weight evenly. By losing weight, you can move a lot easier and it will require minimal effort to maintain your balance when swinging.

Aside from lack of stamina, lack of flexibility is another reason why being overweight will harm your game. Excessive body mass and fat will affect your joint movements, which can possibly make your swings less powerful.

How to Swing a Golf Club if You are Overweight

The good news is that even overweight people can play golf, and they can be good at the sport. The latter is possible by having a more proactive approach and doing the things mentioned below.

Master Breathing Techniques

Learning how to breathe while swinging a golf club is an under-rated technique that you should learn. When you know how to breathe properly, you will be more relaxed as you play, and hence, your swing will end up being more efficient. It will also increase intra-abdominal pressure and activate your core’s stability.

In a nutshell, the standard practice is to breathe out during the address, breathe in when you backswing, and breathe out again in the downswing. When breathing out during the end of the swing, do it gradually. The most important is to breathe naturally and stay relaxed. Otherwise, you may end up being too stiff.

Practice Upright Golf Swing

As you get better in golf, you will be learning different golf swing techniques. And if you are overweight, the upright swing is the best option. As the name implies, this type of swing will require one arm moving on a steeper plane during the backswing. When the swing reaches the top, your left arm will be higher. Your arms will be working more vertically up and down.

In contrast, a flat swing will require your arms to be working more around the body. If you are overweight, doing so can be tricky, so an upright swing is preferred.

Maintain the Right Posture

From how to hold a golf club for beginners to how to grip a golf club like Tiger Woods, you need to learn many things when playing golf. You also need to master the right stance, which is especially crucial when you are overweight. It is difficult to distribute your weight evenly and to maintain your balance, which makes it more crucial that you are mindful of your stance.

When you are standing, pay attention to the position of your feet. Your foot should be slightly ahead of the ball. Check your alignment as well. Your feet and shoulders should be pointed in the same direction as the club. Bend your knees slightly, which will make you more flexible. It might take a while before you get used to the right stance because your weight can drag your body down.


Playing golf as an overweight comes with challenges. Among others, you will have minimal flexibility and stamina. In turn, such will hurt your swing. To prevent such from ruining your game, it is important that you master the right breathing and swinging techniques, as well as the proper stance.