How to Test Golf GPS Devices

With a plethora of options for the top golf GPS devices, deciding what to buy is difficult. It is overwhelming, especially for first timers. Many may decide based on price, but that shouldn’t be the case. It is crucial that you test it first, so you will know its features and functions.

If you are curious about how to test golf GPS devices before purchasing, read on and learn from the insights we’ll be sharing.

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How to Test Golf GPS Devices

While there are plenty of benefits of golf GPS, such will depend on the quality and performance of the product that you will use. It is best if you have the chance to test the device to try its many features and see if it is suitable for your needs and preferences.


Whether you are using the best golf watches or any other device, simplicity is a crucial consideration. Test how easy it is to set-up and configure. The manufacturer must provide comprehensive instructions. At the same time, it should have a user-friendly interface for quick configuration. The buttons must be thoughtfully laid out and easily accessible. They should be large enough for you to press them without any problem.


Aside from the actual set-up of the device, you should also test the app that comes with the unit. The app is accessible through a smartphone, tablet, or computer, among other devices. See to it that the app is user-friendly as well. If it has a clunky interface, then it will have a negative impact on the overall experience of the user.


Amongst the many parts of a golf GPS, the battery is one of the most important. During testing, start by draining the battery and have it fully charged. See how long before the battery is full. More so, with a full battery, you should also test how long before it drains. A dependable battery is a must for a reliable device.

Course Availability

A good GPS device must have tens of thousands of golf courses. Anywhere you play in the world, the device must be accessible. You can test it out by manually inputting locations and see if the device can detect it. If it only recognizes a few golf courses, then it means that you can use it only on limited places.


Test the different features that come with the device, including how useful they will be in an actual game. Some features are nothing but fancy functions without real-world applications. Stick to the basics, and make sure that these features are legal to use in your games. The more features there are, the more expensive the device can be.


The GPS device is useless if it has inaccurate readings. Test how accurate the maps and courses are. It is good to have another person with another GPS and see if the readings will be the same. Test the unit in different situations or environments to be sure that the readings are accurate.


This will depend on the type of the GPS device that you plan to buy. For instance, if it is a watch, then you must wear it and see how it fits. You must be able to move your hand without any problem and it should not be a distraction in your swings. On the other hand, if it is a handheld unit, it must be comfortable to hold in one hand, making sure that it is not too large or too small.


Before buying any golf GPS device, it is best that you test it out and see how it fares. From set-up to accuracy to comfort, consider the things mentioned above as you try a GPS unit and decide if it suits your needs or if you should be looking for another alternative.