Jason Day WITB – What’s In The Bag of Jason Day

An Australian professional golfer, Jason Day achieved the Number 1 spot at the World Golf Ranking in 2015. He first entered the top ten ranking in 2011. Among others, one thing that helped propel his success in the sport is his equipment. That said, this article will give you a quick walkthrough of Jason Day WITB. Let’s talk about the clubs and golf ball that made Day the champion he is today.

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Who is Jason Day?

The Masters - Round Two

Like many of the most popular golfers today, Day started his love affair with the sport at a young age. His father made him a junior member at the Beaudesert Golf Club shortly after he turned six years old. As a junior, he can play six holes daily. Even as a kid, he has already been winning golf tournaments in and around the district where their family lives. He also won various amateur tournaments when he was a student, including Callaway World Junior Championship. He was also a part of Golf Australia National Squad.

Day turned professional in 2006. Currently, he is a part of the PGA Tour and PGA Tour of Australasia. Throughout his professional career, he had 17 professional wins, including 12 at the PGA Tour and three at the European Tour. In 2016, he was the recipient of the Mark H. McCormack Award.

Jason Day WITB

Jason Day WITB

Day used to be a TaylorMade staffer, but he is now a free agent. He has the freedom to choose the clubs to use instead of being tied to a specific brand. If you are curious about what’s in the bag of Jason Day, read on and let’s talk about what he recently used in his January 2021 game.

Driver: Ping G425 LST

Ping G425 LST 3-wood

Similar to the driver that you will find in Cameron Champ WITB, it has a 445cc pear-shaped head, which effectively reduces spin. As a result, it positively impacts speed, allowing the ball to travel at greater distances.

Looking at the features, one of the most notable in this golf club is the precision-forged space. It has an innovative construction to deliver top-notch performance in various conditions. It has a high-strength and precision-machined face to improve flex.

The crown tubulator, which has a refined design, is also a plus. It reduces aerodynamic drag for better ball speed and velocity.

Another notable technology in this driver is the internal Dragonfly. This is an innovation that saves weight and redistributes it to the crown. This is a strategic design that optimizes the position of the center of gravity and maximizes the moment of inertia.

More so, it has Trajectory Tuning 2.0. It has an adjustable sleeve, allowing users to customize the hosel in eight positions. The result is that you can change the trajectory of the ball depending on what the situation needs.

Fairway Wood: TaylorMade SIM Max

TaylorMade SIM Max

This is one of the most iconic fairway woods, so we are not surprised to see it as a part of Jason Day WITB. It is built to guarantee a powerful fairway performance even to the most discerning users.

Among others, one thing that users love in this product is its multi-material construction. It uses exceptional components from the shaft to the head. The weight is on the head of the club, which lowers the center of gravity for better performance.

Speaking of construction, it also has a V-steel sole. It delivers better turf interaction. At the same time, it reduces friction to improve performance in any lie.

Additionally, it stands out because of its strong construction. C300 steel is one of the main materials in this club, which improves distance and speed.

It also has Speed Pocket. This is an innovation that TaylorMade developed for improving flexibility and forgiveness.

Iron: Mizuno MP-20 HMB

Iron Mizuno MP-20 HMB

This is an improved version of the iron that you will find in Justin Rose WITB. It has a hot metal face and is perfect for those who prefer longer irons without compromising performance. This hybrid iron has a tour-ready profile, so it is not surprising that it is preferred by experienced golfers.

It is reflective of advanced construction that you won’t find in many of its competitors. For instance, it is forged in Japan using the best materials available, including nickel chrome and soft copper. The iron also has a brushed satin finish, which makes it look more elegant while reducing glare as well.

The iron is also exceptional because of its muscleback DNA. This is the one responsible for improving the consistency of the ball address while increasing speed at the same time.

Wedge: Artisan Prototype

Wedge Artisan Prototype

For years, Artisan has been making customized wedges for some of the best players in the world. This is the same putter that you will find in Bryson Dechambeau WITB. Each putter is reflective of the highest quality and attention to detail since they are crafted by artisans. In-person fitting so also necessary, making sure that the wedge meets the exact demanding specifications of the user. The fitting session can take hours, which will consider all possible factors in creating a wedge that is built for individual users and not the general population.

Putter: Odyssey 2-Ball

Putter Odyssey 2-Ball

From its sound to feel, this is one of the best putters in the global market. It delivers a legendary performance, making it a top pick even for the pros. The company’s engineers worked hard to come up with an intelligent design that fuses the best materials with advanced technologies. Even the shaft sports a meticulous design. It also comes with a two-part urethane insert to enhance game.

Golf Ball: Bridgestone Tour BXS

Golf Ball Bridgestone Tour B X

This is the same ball that you will find in Tiger Woods WITB, and that is enough reason to believe that Day is right in choosing it. Woods even helped in designing this ball. Among others, one thing that makes it stand out is the REACTIV cover technology. This will allow users to enjoy more distance and spin in every shot. However, take note that the manufacturer recommends this ball only to those with a swing speed of at least 105 mph.


From Ping to Mizuno, Jason Day WITB is packed with equipment from different brands. Many of his clubs and golf ball are used even by other professionals. While he is a great player, Day acknowledges the role of his equipment in making him a great player.