Jason Dufner WITB  – What’s In The Bag of Jason Dufner

Formerly you would find him in Nationwide Tour, but currently, he features in PGA Tour. Jason Christopher Dufner otherwise mostly known as Jason Dufner was born on 24th March 1977 in Ohio US. At the moment, he is among professional golfers with his net worth of around $14million.

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Achievements Highlights

Jason Dufner

The American golfer started playing the sport from high school. He turned pro and entered the PGA Tour in 2004. And since then he has earned multiple victories, including 5 PGA Tour wins.

He earned his first PGA Tour in 2011 at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Also, Dufner won a major championship in 2013. In his career life, Dufner’s best official World Golf Ranking is 6th in 2012.

But he had also maintained the top 10 World Golf Ranking for 50 weeks. In 2019, the American golfer signed a deal with Cobra King hence he stocks the brand in his bag. As you see, he has a solid base in the sport.

Therefore what secret does Jason Dufner WITB hold?  Read on to find out how what he has in his bag differs from other professionals for example the Ryan Moore WITB stuff.

Jason Dufner WITB

Driver: Cobra King F9 Speedback, (10.5°, Lagp Olyss 6x Shaft)

Driver Cobra King F9 Speedback

The Cobra King F9 Speedback employs the Cobra 360 Aero Technology. So it picks on light polymer crown and titanium sole trips. Then it positions the trips in a way that favors airflow and minimizes drag.

Besides boosting the aerodynamics, the PWR Ridges awards the carbon crown a more firm configuration. In return, the stiff carbon imparts more energy to the golf ball thus achieving high speed and distance.

Furthermore, the fine-tunable weight, low spin, and forgiving nature sell the club to most pro players. Also, the CNC milled face puts the desired exactness in the face thickness. When you hold it, the Cobra King F9 Speedback feels almost effortless to swing.

Fairway woods: Titleist 917 F2 (3-Wood, 16.5°); Titleist 915 F (7-Wood, 21°, Both have Aldila Rogue Silver 125 MSI 80 TX Shafts)

Titleist 917 F2 (3-wood, 16.5°)

Fairway woods Titleist 917 F2

Jason picks on the same brand of fairway wood that Jimmy Walker WITB has; the Titleist 917 F2. The club is solid and produces remarkable feedback. Besides, it boasts a soft consistent feel across the entire face.

It also uses an improved active recoil channel 2.0 technology with an open-ended elastomer insert. For that reason, it gives the face a trampoline-like effect for every impact. Therefore that improves the speed, minimizes spin, and optimizes carry and overall distance.

On the other hand, the variable face thickness insert guarantees appreciable speed even for hits registered off-center. And the best part, the fairway wood features high adjustability. That’s because of the SureFit hosel and SureFit CG weight.

The SureFit hosel allows you to fine-tune on lie and loft. Also, the SureFit weight at the back supports fade, draw, or neutral bias. You can push the center of gravity forward, backward to the toe, or heel. That means you can use it to make several shot shapes.

Titleist 915 F (7-Wood, 21°)

Titleist 915 F (7-Wood, 21°)

When compared to Titleist 915fd, the 915f has a big profile. Therefore it’s forgiving and inspires confidence too. Its forward-positioned active recoil channel on the toe helps to optimize speed and reduce spin.

Also, the ARC enables the lower part of the face to flex on impact. And the flexing face combined with the crown’s compression results in a significant boost in ball speed.

Titleist also blends a forward-placed center of gravity and thin uniform carpenter steel on the face. The result is a club that has a solid feel, sound, and increased distance capabilities. Like other Titleist fairway woods, it also features an adjustable SureFit Tour hosel technology.

Driving iron: Cobra King (4-iron, Lagp Proto Rev A Shaft)

Driving iron Cobra King (4-iron, Lagp Proto Rev A Shaft)

Since he mostly features Cobra King Clubs, Jason Dufner chooses the Cobra King (4-iron, Lagp Proto Rev A shaft) driving Iron. Its adjustability feature is highly appreciable. The sound it produces on hitting the ball is a satisfying crisp sound.

Irons: Cobra King Forged CB (5-PW, Dynamic Gold Tour Issue AMT S400 Shafts)

Irons Cobra King Forged CB (5-PW, Dynamic Gold Tour Issue AMT S400 Shafts)

Cobra uses a very thorough forging process that gives birth to an iron with tight grains. For that reason, that results in a club that’s highly responsive and registers a solid feel.

Unlike many other irons, the Cobra King Forged cavity back irons 5-PW employs dual tungsten weights. The weighting lowers the center of gravity (CG), places it behind the face center, and raises the moments of inertia too. That makes an iron that gives easy shots.

The strategic placement of the CG location and moment of inertia (MI) makes the Cobra King Forged CB an iron that supports high launch with minimal spin.

Accordingly, it gives you easy control of the ball and so promoting better shots. A thin compact head and sole give it an exemplary performance in the turf.

As for the control of the ball, the Cobra King Forged cavity back irons 5-PW doesn’t disappoint. That’s because it uses the CNC milling process that produces tight and sharp grooves. As a result, the irons have more bite translating into easy control and accuracy in shots.

Wedges: Cobra King V Grind, (52°, 56°, 62°, Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Shafts)

Wedges Cobra King V Grind, (52°, 56°, 62°, Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Shafts)

From low to high handicappers, the Cobra King V Grind is the wedge that suits different levels. Its full wedge design stems from the CNC milled grooves and roughened spots between the grooves. That benefits the wedge by increasing the spin.

Every time you hit the ball, the wedge registers the sound quality that’s soft and solid to feel. Thanks to the vibration flow technology. The V grind at the same time allows you to switch between closed address and open face.

Putter: TaylorMade Spider X Tour

Putter TaylorMade Spider Itsy Bitsy

Unlike the Harris English WITB that has Ping clubs, Jason Dufner decides to go for TaylorMade Spider X Tour patter. The prominent putter on the PGA Tour employs two blue steel weights.

Owing to the weighting its mass shifts towards the corners of the club. Its frame’s outer material presents steel but incorporates carbon composite at the center.

With more mass concentrated on the edge, the putter moments of inertia (MOI) increase. A golfer who thus registers a slight mishit of the sweet spot still realizes good speed.

Since it uses deep face inserts (consisting of 80% surlyn and 20% aluminum flakes) the putter produces a firm feel and solid sound. And so from the sound produced you can gauge out the putter. And besides the performance, the TaylorMade Spider X Tour thrives in look.


As you have realized, Jason Dufner WITB has mostly Cobra King Clubs. From those golf items, he has worked his way up to the pro level. So, you can also count on the above-mentioned clubs to improve your game. Are you tired of gambling with clubs? Then give the Tour tested clubs a chance.