JB Holmes WITB – What’s In The Bag of JB Holmes

An American golfer currently part of the PGA Tour, JB Holmes is a decorated player with a colorful history both in his amateur and professional years. While he had health problems, he tried his best to stage a comeback, and did not fail to prove that he is indeed a great player. Part of what makes him a seasoned golfer is his equipment. If you are curious about JB Holmes WITB, read on and we’ll have a quick look at his set-up.

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Who is JB Holmes?

Who is JB Holmes

Born on April 26, 1982, JB Holmes is from Kentucky. Since he was in high school, he was already playing golf, which has helped him to build a solid foundation in the sport. During his time at the Taylor County High School, he was a part of the varsity golf team. He also played golf at the University of Kentucky where he played at the 2005 Walker Cup.

Holmes turned professional in 2005. Since then, he had eight professional wins, which include five victories at the PGA Tour – 2006 FBR Open, 2008 FBR Open, 2014 Wells Fargo Championship, 2015 Shell Houston Open, and 2019 Genesis Open.

Among others, Holmes built a reputation for being a long hitter. His playing style is all about sending the ball far, reaching a distance of up to 300 yards. This playing philosophy has worked to his advantage while it has also raised criticisms amongst purists.

JB Holmes WITB

JB Holmes WITB

As a free agent, he does not have to commit to a specific brand. Looking at what’s in the bag of JB Holmes, you will find a selection of different brands and models including the following.

Driver: Ping G425 LST

Driver Ping G425 LST

The same driver in Tony Finau WITB and other professional golfers, it has a 445cc pear-shaped head with an innovative construction and strategic position. It is a result of years of research and development, making sure that it meets the needs of the most discerning users. With its head shape, it reduces spin, a benefit that is highly evident in high-speed players.

More so, it is also worth noting that it comes with a T9S+ forged face. The latter is the one that is responsible for maximizing flex for better speed and distance. Plus, it has refined crown tubulators, which improves ball velocity.

The internal Dragonfly is another notable feature of this golf club. This provides significant weight savings without compromising explosiveness. It optimizes the center or gravity and increases the moment of inertia.

Lastly, the driver has Trajectory Tuning 2.0, which is useful for adjustments. This way, you can fine-tune the performance of the driver, depending on what a specific situation calls for.

Fairway Wood: Titleist TS3

Titleist TS3

This 3-wood delivers exceptional speed and accuracy, making it a fixture in the set-up of Holmes. Among others, one thing that makes it stand out is the Speed Chassis, which took almost two years for the company to bring into reality. They first deconstructed their driver and worked to fix the problems and deliver more innovative solutions, giving birth to the TS3 fairway wood.

The streamlined shape of this club is also worth mentioning. This is responsible for the reduction of aerodynamic drag by as much as 20%.

In addition, it comes with an ultra-thin titanium crown. It reduces the overall weight, making it easier to control while also maximizing the speed of every swing.

Lastly, the face has a variable thickness. With the progressive design, it creates a spring-like effect while making the fairway wood more forgiving as well.

Iron: Srixon Z785

Iron Srixon Z785

A part of the 700 series of irons, this model has a compact shape and packs and explosive performance. This Tour cavity iron moves the weight to the toe and the mass in the center. This is a strategic position that helps in improving the location of the center of gravity. Plus, compared to its predecessor, the moment of inertia is slightly lower.

The forged construction is also a plus. It is made from a single billet of 1020 carbon steel, an incredibly lightweight but durable material. More than its longevity, such a construction also helps in improving sound and feel.

Wedge: Cleveland RTX ZipCore

Wedge Cleveland RTX ZipCore

The RTX wedge was one of the most popular from Cleveland, but the company has always been pushing the boundaries for innovation. With this, they have torn their revolutionary wedge and rebuilt it from the inside out. The result is the RTX ZipCore, a wedge that is built to deliver an incredible performance.

One of the defining features of this wedge is the low-density material. Instead of heavy steel, it utilizes a lightweight core, which is also the one responsible for many of its notable benefits. This weight saving also repositions the center of gravity for a more powerful impact while making the wedge more forgiving as well.

Putter: Bettinardi BB56 Proto

Putter Bettinardi BB56 Proto

This expertly crafted prototype putter is not meant for public use. It was designed specifically for use of professional players like Holmes. It is created with exacting specifications in mind, making sure that the performance it second to none.

Among others, one of the most notable features is the raised center of gravity. The latter allows a more solid and explosive hit upon contact with the golf ball. It is also incredible because of the 303 stainless steel alignment, which allows easy visualization for better precision in every shot.

Golf Ball: Srixon Z Star XV

Golf Ball Srixon Z Star XV

The same golf ball that you will find in Cameron Champ WITB and Hideki Matsuyama WITB, this is especially crafted for tour-level players. It is always in high demand, so it is hard to find. It has maximum distance and ultimate performance, resulting from its exceptional inside-out construction. The ball comes with a resilient inner core, which allows a faster snap upon impact.


Despite the health problems that came along his way, Holmes was able to recover and regained his supremacy in global golf. Throughout his professional career, he won the PGA five times. In all of these instances, JB Holmes had a huge role to play. Being a free agent, he continues to experiment with clubs from different companies.