Jordan Spieth WITB – What’s In The Bag of Jordan Spieth

One of the best golfers in the world, Jordan Spieth has his share of ups and downs in the sport. Nonetheless, despite a few shortcomings, he remains a name that is hard to rival. He has made several world records, including being the youngest winner of the PGA Tour. If there is one thing that we can attribute for his victories, it would be its equipment. With that, let’s have a look at Jordan Spieth WITB and see what made him who he is today.

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Who is Jordan Spieth?

Who is Jordan Spieth

Born on July 27, 1993, Spieth is one of the most popular golfers in the world. Amongst his many accolades, the most significant is holding the top spot in the Official World Golf Ranking. He turned professional in 2012 and is currently a part of the PGA Tour.

Spieth has 15 professional wins. He won the PGA Tour 13 times, European Tour three times, and PGA Tour of Australasia two times. More so, in 2015, he has claimed the number one spot in the FedEx Cup Rank. He has also been given several awards in recent years, including PGA Tour Player of the Year, Byron Nelson Award, and Vardon Trophy.

Jordan Spieth WITB

Jordan Spieth WITB

From his amateur days to professional games, Spieth has been a user of Titleist equipment. No wonder, when we look at what’s in the bag of Jordan Spieth, you will see clubs and balls from Titleist. He has mixed old and new models but stayed with the company through the years. Below, we’ll have a more detailed discussion of some of the most common fixtures in Spieth’s set-up in his most recent games.

Driver: Titleist TSi3

Driver Titleist TSi3

From the construction of its clubface to having multiple options for adjustability, there are many things that make this an exceptional driver. Because of its innovative design, it is also commonly used by other pros. You will see the same driver in Justin Thomas WITB.

The biggest selling point of this driver is its material. It uses ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium. This is a tough material to work with, so the company has to figure out innovative ways to make it at its best. It has a unique alloy that is made in a foundry in Pittsburgh. The main benefit of this material is that it enhances the speed of the ball regardless of the point of contact.

More so, it is also known for offering multidimensional stability. The company has a holistic philosophy for designing the club’s moment of inertia. This way, expect better speed even in the case of tight spins.

Fairway Wood: Titleist TS2

Titleist TS3

The TS2 fairway wood that Spieth uses comes with a Fujikura shaft, which is similar to what you will find in his driver. The face is built in such a way that it will deliver explosive distance, making it ideal for the pros. It also has maximum forgiveness, minimizing the chances of missing every shot.

One of the most notable features of this club is the Speed Chassis, which is a result of two years of research and development. The manufacturer deconstructed their driver and looked for every detail that can lead to an improvement. It also has a streamlined shape, which reduces drag by as much as 20%. Plus, it has an ultra-thin crown. It sports the thinnest possible crown, which also shifts weight strategically. Lastly, it has optimized weight distribution to shift the center of gravity for better launch and spin.

Iron: Titleist T100

Irons Titleist T100

For daring and imaginative players, it is hard to go wrong with this iron. It utilizes the latest technologies to improve performance even through the smallest detail. The result is solid and consistent control, letting the player direct the ball exactly where it should be.

To add, it has a perfectly balanced design, which is also crucial for promoting the comfort of the user. Through a co-forging procedure, tungsten is infused in the head of this club, which is vital for stability.

The turf interaction of this club is also notable. It is faster and smoother on the surface. The camber and sole are also improved to deliver superior performance.

Wedge: Titleist Vokey Design SM8

Wedges Titleist Vokey SM8

The same wedge that you will find in Rickie Fowler WITB, it has a center of gravity that is pushed forward to increase the moment of inertia. It does not only improve the way the club feels upon impact, but it also enhances its overall performance.

Another impressive feature of this wedge is the sole grind, which has been proven to be beneficial even to tour players. It has spin milled grooves that improve consistency, control, and spin. The grooves have been heat-treated to make it more durable while making sure that the feel is not compromised. Plus, it goes through 100% quality inspection, making sure that it is reflective of the best quality possible.

Putter: Scotty Cameron Circle T009

Putter Scotty Cameron Circle T009

This is basically the Scotty Cameron Circle 009 putter. The addition of T in the model’s name means that it is designed for professional players. This is the same wedge in Gary Woodland WITB. From the design of the putter itself, it is easy to tell that it isn’t for everyone. Especially after looking at its price, you will realize that it is suitable only for professional players.

Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1X

Golf Ball Titleist Pro V1

Anyone who has been playing golf will know that the Pro V1X is a legend. No wonder, this is a common fixture in the equipment of the best golfers, such as in Brooks Koepka WITB. It offers total performance, longer distance, and softer feel. From its shell to its core, it utilizes innovative materials.


As we have talked about in this article about Jordan Spieth WITB, he is loyal to Titleist. Even during his amateur years, this is the brand that he trusted. Even when he turned professional, he remained with the company, and this has proven to be a good decision. His bag is packed with the best clubs that are designed to meet the needs of the most discerning users.