Justin Thomas WITB – What’s In The Bag of Justin Thomas

Do not be fooled by the slender frame of Justin Thomas. It might not look like he is capable of it, but Thomas is a hard hitter. He started 2021 with a controversy, but after a few months, he was able to regain himself when he won the Players Championship, showing everyone that he is a force to be reckoned with despite his young age.

More than his knowledge and skills in the sport, part of what makes him a great player is his equipment. That said, this short article looks at Justin Thomas WITB. We’ll see what equipment helped propel his golf victory at the Players Championship.

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Who is Justin Thomas?

World Golf Championship-FedEx St Jude Invitational - Final Round

Thomas has been playing golf since he was a kid. He grew up in Kentucky where he was taught by his father to play golf at a young age. Even during his collegiate years, he has already proven that he is a name to watch out for. In 2012, he won the Haskins Award during his freshman year in Alabama, recognizing him as the top golfer in the nation.

He has won the PGA Tour 14 times, European Tour three times, and Asian Tour two times. He was also a former World Number One. One of the highlights of his career was the year 2017 when he won in five events of the PGA Tour.

Justin Thomas WITB

Cameron Champ WITB

If you look at what’s in the bag of Justin Thomas, you will find mostly Titleist equipment. He has been a loyal user and endorser for years. Here’s a rundown of some of the things Thomas has been using.

Driver: Titleist TSi3

Driver Titleist TSi3

Offering dynamic distance, the Titleist TSi3 is one of the best drivers currently available, favored by players like Thomas. Among others, one of its most notable features is the use of ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium as its main material. This is a delicate component that is difficult to work with, which is why it isn’t as popular as others. Titleist was able to uncover a way of making this material in their foundry in Pittsburgh. With this, the face of the driver will increase ball speed regardless of where it is hit upon contact.

The driver is also commendable because of its enhanced aerodynamics. It adds speed and boosts confidence. It also gives the driver a satisfying sound.

More so, it offers various options for customization, allowing you to tailor-fit the functions of the club depending on your specific needs. It has SureFit CG Track Technology, which is what will allow you to adjust the center of gravity as necessary. It will fine-tune ball flight as well, allowing you to fine-tune your game.

Fairway Wood: Titleist TS3

Titleist TS3

For those who want adjustability in a fairway wood with a classic look, this is a great option. Even Thomas swears at the effectiveness of this 3-wood when it comes to game improvement, which is why he is using it in his professional tournaments.
The company markets this 3-wood as a mid-launch and low-spin club. This is as against the TS2, which has a high launch and mid spin. It is easy to hit off the tee, especially because you can choose from four lofts, which are customizable from 13.5 to 18 degrees. It is also impressive because of the Active Recoil Channel. Even if you hit the ball a bit thin, you can still expect great results.

Another great feature is the speed chassis, which has been developed by Titleist for two years. Coupled by the streamlined shape, ultra-thin titanium crown, and optimized weight distribution, this fairway wood is definitely built to perform

Irons: Titleist T100

Irons Titleist T100

Score with precision – that is exactly what Titleist promises with these irons. Judging from the performance of Thomas, we are inclined to believe that such is really the case. It is for daring and imaginative players. It is built with the needs of professionals in mind.

While there are many commendable things about this iron, one that we love the most is its well-balanced design. This is made possible by the high-density tungsten, which is located in the toe and heel of the irons for the improvement of the center of gravity. It is also designed for faster and smoother turf interaction, making the club more responsive.

Wedges: TaylorMade MG2

Wedges TaylorMade MG2

The same wedge that you will find in Rory McIlroy WITB, it has Raw Face Technology, which is one of the newest innovations from TaylorMade. It has sharper and narrower grooves, which are also beneficial in terms of improving greenside spin. The laser etching is a nice touch, giving the wedge a more elegant appeal.

It is also notable because of the redistribution of mass on its head. Some parts are thick and others are thin. This will optimize the location of the center of gravity. In turn, it is beneficial in improving feel and flight.

Putter: Scotty Cameron X5.5 Tour Prototype

Putter Scotty Cameron X5.5 Tour Prototype

He has used a couple of Scotty Cameron putters in his career, reminding us of the same putters that you will find in Tiger Woods WITB. He has used the Phantom X Prototype and Timeless before. Today, however, he is using the Scotty Cameron X5.5 Tour Prototype.

In 2016, Thomas was displeased with his putting. His putter was one of the biggest hindrances in unlocking his best performance off the tee and on the green. Things changed when he used the Phantom X5.5. It has a small slant neck that was inspired by the putter of Thomas. It increased the moment of inertia, forgiveness, and stability, among other things.

Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1X

Golf Ball Titleist Pro V1

This is the same ball that you will find in Brooks Koepka WITB. The company claims that it is the number one golf ball in the world, and it is easy to understand why. It has a soft urethane elastomer cover and a low spin casing layer. It is lightweight without sacrificing its durability. even the dimples are well-thought. It is also a good thing that it delivers excellent aerodynamics to improve flight, speed, and control.


As noted in this brief guide about Justin Thomas WITB, he is loyal to Titleist. From his driver to his golf ball, he trusts only the latter. This is expected given the global reputation that Titleist has built over the years.