Lexi Thompson WITB – What’s In The Bag of Lexi Thompson

A big-hitting American golfer, Lexi Thompson has been playing golf since she was 12 years old. From her amateur to professional career, she has captivated global attention. While she has her technique to thank for, it is undeniable that her equipment played a huge role on where she is today. That said, read on and we’ll talk about Lexi Thompson WITB.

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Who is Lexi Thompson?

Who is Lexi Thompson

Born on February 10, 1995, golf runs in the blood of Thompson’s family. His two brothers are professional golfers – Nicholas Thompson and Curtis Thompson. At a young age, she was already playing golf, and such had a huge role on where she is right now. When she was 12, she qualified for the US Women’s Open, making her the youngest player to hold such a record. In 2007, she took home the top spot at the American Junior Golf Association. She was the second-youngest player with such a victory, she turned professional in 2010 when she was only 15 years old.

As a professional, she is currently a part of LPGA Tour since 2010. When she was starting and without an LPGA Tour status, she was relying mostly on the exemptions of her sponsors to play. Throughout her professional career, she had 11 wins at the LPGA Tour, one at the LPGA of Japan Tour, and one at the Ladies European Tour.

Lexi Thompson WITB

Lexi Thompson WITB

As a Cobra staffer, most of what’s in the bag of Lexi Thompson are from the latter. Through the years, she has experimented with the different clubs from the manufacturer. Below are some of the clubs that she recently used and contributed to her victory.

Driver: Cobra King Radspeed

Driver Cobra King Radspeed

A product of radical engineering, this is a favorite driver amongst seasoned golfers. This is the same club that you will find in Gary Woodland WITB and Cameron Champ WITB. From the front to the back, this golf club packs extreme weighting. It has a 28-gram frame that is positioned as forward as possible. The result is that it has an ultra-low spin while having a positive impact on ball speed. On the other hand, at the back of the club, you will find a ten-gram weight. This is perfectly balanced with the weight in front for a better feel.

Another notable feature is the CNC milled face, which shows how advanced the overall construction is. The infinity edge face has a bigger milled area by as much as 95% for a faster ball speed. More so, it has a thin-ply carbon wrap crown.

The T-bar speed chassis is another notable feature of this product. It is seven grams lighter compared to the previous iteration of the driver. The position of the discretionary weight pushes the mass forward, decreases spin, and increases speed.

Fairway Wood: Cobra King Ltd in Lexi Blue

Fairway Wood Cobra King Ltd in Lexi Blue

Explosive and responsive – these are two of the things that you can expect in this fairway. It is in a special colorway, which has been designed specifically for Lexi Thompson. As the company claims, this is their straightest and longest fairway, so we expect nothing but the best performance in every game.

Looking at the construction of this club, it packs some of the most innovative features you will ever find in a fairway. For instance, it has Spiralock, a technology that keeps the weight stable, regardless of the vibration upon impact. It also has a 13-gram weight, which creates a lower and deeper center of gravity. In the same way, it also increases the moment of inertia for improved distance without compromising forgiveness.

It is also impressive because of the TeXtreme carbon fiber crown. It has up to 20% lighter weight compared to traditional carbon fiber. It redistributes weight in strategic positions in such a way that it improves the overall performance.

Iron: Cobra King Utility

Iron Cobra King Utility

From forgiveness to consistency, this is one of the most sensational irons in the market, favored even by the most seasoned players. It has a classic look that blends with modern technology, combining tradition with innovation.

The forged PWRSHELL face is one of the distinct features of this iron. This is an insert wrap in the sole, making it more forgiving. Even the pros appreciate this feature as it maximizes speed and distance in every shot while also reducing mishits.

It is also a good thing that it comes with a tungsten weight. At 66 grams, it positions the clubs center of gravity behind its hitting zone to make it faster.

Wedge: Cobra Tour Trusty Chrome

Wedge Cobra Tour Trusty Chrome

The first iteration of this wedge was released in 1998. More than two decades after, it is still a great option for discerning users. Over the years, it has been refined to incorporate the latest technologies to meet the demands of modern tour players.

One of the improvements from its predecessors is the sole grind, which also gives the club a new but clean appearance. It is designed in such a way that it will sit lower on the ground, regardless if it has an open or close face.

Putter: TaylorMade Spider

Putter TaylorMade Spider Itsy Bitsy

This is the same putter that you will find in Rory McIlroy WITB. It is one of the most popular putters in the PGA Tour. It revolutionizes alignment and stability through a carefully-crafted putter. This is the tenth anniversary edition of the Spider putter, so expect that it is a result of a decade of research and development.

Looking at the construction of the putter, one thing that makes it impressive is the combination of a 320-gram steel frame and 15-gram carbon composite sole. With this, you can expect a more streamlined design.

The True Path Alignment is another impressive feature. It uses the best of optical engineering to help players have a better visualization of every shot.

Golf Ball: Bridgestone Tour BX

Golf Ball Bridgestone Tour B X

Similar to the golf ball in Bryson Dechambeau WITB, this is one of the well-loved models amongst the pros. Gone were the days when you have to choose between speed or distance. This ball is engineered to deliver both. From the core to the cover, it utilizes innovative materials for spin, speed, distance, and consistency, among other things that are important in a golf ball. It is designed for fast swingers, specifically those with an average speed of 105 mph.


A look at Lexi Thompson WITB reveals that she has mostly Cobra clubs. This does not come as a surprise since she is a Cobra staffer. She mixes and matches different clubs from the latter while also occasionally using equipment from other manufacturers, specifically for her putter.