Louis Oosthuizen WITB – What’s In The Bag of Louis Oosthuizen

A South African golfer, Louis Oosthuizen made a name after winning the 2010 Open Championship. He is also one of the only nine golfers to have a runner-up finish in all of the major championships – Masters Tournament, US Open, Open Championship, and PGA Championship. If there is one thing that helped him emerge victorious in many of the most prestigious tournaments, it is his set-up. That said, read on and let’s look at Louis Oosthuizen WITB.

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Who is Louis Oosthuizen?

Who is Louis Oosthuizen

Born on October 19, 1982, Oosthuizen is from Mossel Bay, South Africa. During the early years in his career, he was financially supported by the foundation of Ernie Els, an American golfer. This has helped him navigate the difficulties of starting a golfing career. With this help, he was able to gain numerous amateur titles until turning professional at the age of 19 in 2002.

Currently, he is a part of PGA Tour, European Tour, and Sunshine Tour. Throughout his professional career, he was able to accumulate 14 wins.

Louis Oosthuizen WITB

Louis Oosthuizen WITB

Like many of today’s elite golfers, Louis Oosthuizen is serious with his equipment. He spends time finding the clubs that match his playing style, making sure that they will allow him to unleash full performance. Throughout his career, he was a Ping staffer, which is the same brand in Cameron Champ WITB. For a sneak peek of what’s in the bag of Louis Oosthuizen, read on.

Driver: Ping G400

Driver Ping G400

A more streamlined and compact driver compared to its predecessor, it offers distance and forgiveness, two things that Ping clubs have always been known for. The company tries to position the center of gravity as low as possible, which is one thing that makes it high-performing.

Looking at the features, one thing that we like the most is the T9S+ face. It improves flexibility and speed. This is also what gives the driver an incredible sound and feel.

The tungsten back weight is another notable construction innovation in this driver. With the high-density back, it has a higher moment of inertia. You can also adjust the launch to fine-tune the performance of the club depending on what a specific situation requires.

More so, it has an internal rib structure, another feature that makes the construction top-notch. It generates a fuller sound upon impact to boost confidence.

This driver also has Dragonfly technology. With the ultra-thin skirt and crown, the weight is significantly minimized without compromising power.

Lastly, it has premium counter-balanced shaft to make it more comfortable. It also increases the energy transfer for better performance.

Fairway Wood: Ping G425 Max

Fairway Wood Ping G425 Max

This is from the same family of woods that you will find in Gary Woodland WITB, although Oosthuizen uses another version. From distance to spin, it promises many benefits that are possible because of its innovative features.

While it has plenty of technologies that make it an amazing product, one that we love the most is Facewrap. It has one-piece maraging steel to make it more stable. This is better than a simple insert that you will find in many of its competitors. Your shots will go farther with this innovation.

Additionally, it has a high-density tungsten weight. With the strategic position of its weight, it delivers more forgiveness while also increasing the moment of inertia.

Easy adjustability is another notable asset of this fairway wood. With Trajectory Tuning 2.0, you have the freedom to customize the hosel position. You can choose from eight adjustments to personalize the anticipated trajectory of the ball.

Iron: Ping Blueprint

Iron Ping Blueprint

This is an iron that is made specifically for professionals. They are customized to meet the demanding specifications of seasoned players, so expect nothing but the best.

Among others, one thing that makes it stand out is the use of forged 8620 carbon steel. Such has been through a four-step forging process for better control and precision. The design of the head concentrates the impact  zone on a strategic location, resulting in better sound and feel.

The narrow sole of this iron is also a plus, especially if your goal is to have better turf interaction. You can expect better consistency regardless of the ground conditions. It is versatile enough to satisfy the requirements of all players.

It is also notable that it has Hydro Pearl Chrome 2.0 finish. Aside from providing a more elegant appearance, the latter is also the reason for great ability to repel moisture.

Wedge: Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth

Wedge Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth

The original version of the Ping Glide wedge is well-loved by many because of its incredible cavity back construction. The manufacturer improved this in the 2.0 version. It has the same clean lines and moisture-repellent elegant finish but with new technologies to take the wedge a notch above the competition.

One of the defining features of this wedge is the specialized groove. It is designed in a way that the user will enjoy improved control and precision. More so, it is available in different grinds, so you can pick the style that suits your playing style the best.

Putter: Ping Vault 2.0

Putter Ping Vault 2.0

A 100% milled putter, this is constructed to meet the demands of modern players like Oosthuizen. One of its features is the True Roll face. The grooves have variable depths, which will help you maintain the necessary ball speed regardless of where on the face it is hit. It has deeper grooves in the center and get shallower as you move out. This progressive design improves the force it exerts as it touches the ball.

Different customizations are available. You can choose from varying finishes depending on personal preference.

Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1

Golf Ball Titleist Pro V1x

One of the most popular golf balls ever made, this is the same in Patrick Reed WITB. With a low spin and a long distance, you can expect a lot of benefits when using this ball. It has a soft urethane elastomer cover and 2.0 ZG Process core. From the interior to the exterior, the company uses carefully curated materials that make it better than many of its competitors.


Most of the clubs in Louis Oosthuizen WITB are from Ping. He has been a staffer for the latter, and hence, his bag is filled with their equipment. From his driver to putter, Oosthuizen is picky with what he uses, and this has helped him achieve his current status.