Luke Donald WITB – What’s In The Bag of Luke Donald

A former World Number 1, Luke Donald had a prolific career as a seasoned golfer. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that the recent years have been challenging for him after missing a string of events he has been part of. Despite such unfortunate incidents, it is undeniable that he has built a solid reputation in the sport. Among others, one thing that has helped him is his choice of equipment. That said, read on and we’ll talk about Luke Donald WITB in this short article.

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Who is Luke Donald?

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Born on December 7, 1977, Donald is an English golfer, and he has always described himself as half-Scottish. Even as a student, he has already been active in the sport and reaped prestigious awards that paved way for a prolific career. He played at both the Hazlemere and Beaconsfield Golf Clubs as a student.

Luke Donald WITB

Luke Donald WITB

Briefly during his career, he played using clubs from Titleist and Ben Hogan. However, most of his set-up includes clubs from Mizuno. This section will give you a brief look at what’s in the bag of Luke Donald that contributed to his recent victories.

Driver: Mizuno ST 200G

Driver Mizuno ST 200G

From Tiger Woods WITB to Phil Mickelson WITB, the driver is one of the most important clubs. Similarly, Donald is picky with what goes in his bag. While he has used different drivers, one of the most notable is the Mizuno ST 200G. Designed for high-speed swingers, this driver promises to deliver the best efficiency in every shot.

Introduced only in 2020, this driver is a product of a collaboration between the research teams of Mizuno US and Japan. The two worked to uncover the benefits of different materials and come up with an innovative construction that will meet the needs of the most discerning players.

Looking at its features, one of the most notable is the shape of the face and crown. It has a slightly flatter lie angle and a flatter crown compared to most drivers. The latter makes it appealing for tour players. Speaking of construction, it is also notable because of having longer tracks for more effective weight movement. In turn, this is influential of creating an ultra-low spin. More so, we love how you can adjust the loft up to four degrees, allowing you to customize the club depending on what a specific situation requires.

Fairway Wood: TaylorMade M6

Fairway Wood TaylorMade M6

Featuring industry-leading technology, this is one of the most advanced clubs in Luke Donald WITB. Among others, it stands out because of the Twist Face technology, an innovation that has been developed by TaylorMade. It has a unique curve in its face, which is the one responsible for minimizing mishits while increasing precision in every shot.

It is also worth noting that it has a multi-material construction. The TPU slot insert, for instance, improves turf interaction. Regardless of the surface where you are playing, it generates an incredible sound and feel. More so, it also has Speed Pocket technology. The latter improves off-center performance while making the club more forgiving . Plus, it stands out because of the discretionary mass that you will find low in its head. The latter optimizes the center of gravity while increasing the moment of inertia.

Iron: Mizuno MP20

Iron Mizuno MP20

If you are an avid golfer, then you will know that Mizuno is one of the best manufacturers of irons. This specific model is similar to what you will find in Justin Rose WITB. It has an impressive craftsmanship, making it an obvious choice for seasoned players.

One thing that makes this impressive is the Grain Flow Forged HD. It uses 1025E Pure select mild carbon steel. This material is also combined with chrome and copper. Plus, it has a chrome finish, which is effective in minimizing glare. With such a construction, this iron is reflective of superior quality that meets the demands of tour players.

Another notable construction feature of this iron is its vertical stability. This is made possible by the tapered top blade. It spreads weight to the strategic areas of the iron, making it easier to control. It also increases the forgiveness of every strike regardless of where you will be hitting the ball.

Wedge: Mizuno T7

Wedge Mizuno T7

It is more common for wedges to have a cast construction instead of forged as it is easier to make. Nonetheless, the Mizuno T7 stands out because it is forged. The forged steel head is combined with boron, so you can expect impressive longevity.

With a muscle back design, this is one of the most stunning wedges we have seen. Nonetheless, there is more than what meets the eyes. It has an adjustable loft that changes the profile, making it more suitable for different scenarios.

Putter: Odyssey O-Works Versa

Putter Odyssey O-Works Versa

A putter with a mid to soft feel, this is a great option for people who need help with their alignment. It has a timeless shape that is complemented by the use of innovative materials, promising top-notch performance that amazes even experienced players.

While it has many features, one of the most notable is the Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer. It helps in rolling putts successfully, making sure that it heads to the direction where you want it to be.

More so, this putter also has different visual aids to improve the consistency of your every shot. For instance, it has red lines, which will let you easily align with your target. The putter also has high-contrast Versa Alignment to secure the target.

Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1X

Golf Ball Titleist Pro V1x

The same golf ball that you will find in Jordan Spieth WITB, it is designed with the exacting specifications of the pros in mind. The brand led a core-to-cover improvement, making the ball more suitable for the needs of modern users. It has been through a significant redesign to address the flaws in the previous model while exploiting the most advanced technologies that are currently available. This ball has an elastomer cover and 2.0 ZG Process dual core. From consistent flights to longer distances, it offers a wide array of benefits.


Most of what you will find in Luke Donald WITB are from Mizuno, although he has also experimented with clubs from other brands in the past. From his driver to iron, among others, he has put his trust in Mizuno.