Ollie Schniederjans WITB – What’s In The Bag of Ollie Schniederjans

Oliver Frank Schniederjans, commonly known as Ollie Schniederjans, was born on 15 June 1993. The American golfer is one of the youngest players on the PGA Tour.

However, currently, you’ll find him on the Korn Ferry Tour. Though he has only garnered one professional win, Ollie has shown remarkable performance at both amateur and professional levels.

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Achievements Highlights

Ollie Schniederjans

But even before he rose to the professional level, Schniederjans career shone brightly. For example, his top amateur wins include winning the 2009 Polo Golf Junior Classic, a tie in the 2013 Carpet Capital Collegiate, and the 2014 Valspar Collegiate.

In 2014, he earned the top position in the World Golf Amateur Ranking and stayed at the top for 41 weeks. Consequently, that saw him scoop the Mark H. McCormack Medal. Also, during his amateur career, he earned the title of Atlantic Coast Conference player of the year.

Having earned the Mark H. McCormack Medal, Schniederjans gained automatic entry to play on the 2015 U.S. Open and 2015 open championship. That saw him turn pro in 2015, where he won the Korn Ferry Tour.

Together with his U.S. national team, they won the Junior Ryder Cup of 2010 and the Palmer Cup in 2014 and 2015.

So, how does the Ollie Schniederjans WITB differ from other older golfers like the Bernhard Langer WITB? Read on to find out!

Ollie Schniederjans WITB

Driver: Callaway XR-16, 10.5 Degrees

Driver Callaway XR-16, 10.5 Degrees

Ollie picks on a driver that has a reshaped speed step crown that accordingly improves its aerodynamics. If you compare it to the previous model XR, it’s shorter and the crown closer to the leading edge.

Such a change effectively decreases the head and face drag. The driver is also large to the front than the back. That kind of design helps shift the center of gravity lower and more to the back.

And overall, it injects a noticeable degree of forgiveness. Furthermore, it uses lighter titanium than before, and thus it feels easier to swing in the air.

When you hit the ball right with the driver, it gives forth a satisfyingly solid feel. Thus Callaway XR-16 is light, and has a forgiving head.

3-Wood: Callaway XR-16 Pro, 16 Degrees

3-Wood Callaway XR-16 Pro, 16 Degrees

The Callaway XR-16 Pro employs the redesigned speed face cup that’s thinner but hotter. As a result, its large sweet spot not only inspires confidence but drives the ball at high speed.

In addition to being forgiving, it presents a thin crown with high moments of inertia. So overall, it features an easy-to-hit fairway wood.

Its compact head is also aerodynamic shaped. Subsequently instead of moving sluggishly like other fairway woods, it supports a high swing speed. For a compact head fairway wood that’s forgiving and supports good ball speed, Callaway XR-16 Pro is the way to go.

3-Iron: Callaway Apex

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex

Its design employs A.I. flash face cup technology and gives the iconic feel. Therefore they support high ball speed and more robustness on the entire clubface. For that reason, the irons are great for extraordinary distance and control. No wonder you’ll find it too in Marc Leishman WITB.

By using the tungsten energy core, the irons boast a precise center of gravity. So you can enjoy forgiveness on miss-hits and a remarkable launch. The body is of forged 1025 mild carbon steel. When coupled with the improved shape, the irons present a pure feel, especially on the turf.

4-9 Iron: Callaway Apex Pro 16

4-9 Iron Callaway Apex Pro 16

They employ the 1025 mild carbon steel and advanced forgiving technique that give rise to a soft feel preferred by Tour professionals and better players.

The Callaway Apex Pro 16 presents a progressive center of gravity and hence injects precision and playability. For example, the long irons give more offset. That’s due to the tungsten insert that helps lower the center of gravity, give higher launch and explosive distance.

On the other hand, the short irons possess a high center of gravity. Accordingly, that helps give controlled and penetrating ball trajectories.

But beyond the performance, they also present the Tour-inspired shape and designs that appeals in looks. The great feel on the head of the irons fits mid handicappers who occasionally miss the sweet spot.

Wedges: Callaway MD3 54-Degree, 58-Degree, 62-Degree

Wedges Callaway MD3 54-Degree, 58-Degree, 62-Degree

The solid wedges exist in three different sole grinds, thus fits diverse play conditions and players. That includes the W, S, and C grinds.

When you need the wedge that supports a wide attacking angle on soft conditions, then W wins. It also stands as one of the best wedges to use on the bunker.

C grind, on the other hand, is best for firm grounds and making open-face shots. For the versatile wedge among the Callaway MD3, the S grind is the wedge to choose.

The wedges employ the progressive groove technology; lower loft wedges possessing lesser grooves than the higher lofted wedges. That means you can choose the right wedge that gives you the spin rate you need at any given moment.

Besides the differences in grinds, the wedges also have different finishes. Practically regardless of your experience level, Callaway MD3 gives you a wedge that fits you.

Putter: Odyssey Metal-X Milled 2-Ball

Putter Odyssey 2-Ball

In contrast to the golf bag of the Spanish golfer, John Rahm WITB, Ollie decides to settle for Odyssey Metal-X Milled 2-Ball. The Odyssey putter employs the metal-x roll technology.

That involves oval depressions that conveniently lock with the dimples on the ball. As a result, it creates more friction, appropriate launch, and consistent roll.

The putter comes with diverse head weights and extra adjustable weights. That makes it possible to customize the feel you want to reflect on the right ball speed on the green.

At the same time, it has a stabilizing crossbar that adds stiffness to the face, stabilizes the feel and sound without adding excess weight.


There you have what Ollie Schniederjans WITB entails. It’s a unique selection that the Ollie Schniederjans’ golf bag contains. But it’s that uniqueness that makes it interesting. Likewise, you need to take time and understand your game.

Sometimes your wedge, iron, or fairway wood isn’t giving you the performance you desire. If so, take a look at the unique collection of clubs that Ollie Schniederjans have.