Padraig Harrington WITB – What’s In The Bag of Padraig Harrington

Pádraig Peter Harrington is an Irish professional golfer that plays on both European and PGA Tour. Harrington was born on 31st August 1971. The Irish player is best remembered for winning three major championships namely; the Open Championship of 2007, 2008, and 2008 PGA Championship.

One of the best moments in his career is rising to the top 10 of the Official World Golf Ranking in 2008 and maintaining the position for 300 weeks.

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Achievements Highlights

Padraig Harrington

Right from his amateur stage, Harrington had a successful career. For example in his amateur stage he scooped three wins; the 1991Sherry cup, the 1994 West of Ireland Amateur Championship, and the 1995 Irish Amateur Championship.

In 1995, Harrington turned professional and realized his first European Tour in 1996, in the Spanish Peugeot Open. And from 2001 to 2005, the Irish golfer realized several victories each year in the European Tour.

In 2005 he joined the PGA Tour and earned victory the following year. From 2001 to 2010 he maintained the top 10position in the Official World Golf Ranking, and even reaching the third position.

Altogether, Harrington has won the PGA Tour 6 times, European Tour 15 times, and the Asian Tour four times. In total, he has bagged 31 professional wins. Some of his best awards include European Tour golfer of the year (2007 and 2008), PGA player of the year 2008, and PGA Tour player of the year 2008.

Padraig Harrington WITB

Unlike the Harris English WITB that has mainly Ping Clubs, Harrington majors on Wilson clubs.

Driver: Titleist TSi3, with Fujikura Ventus Shaft

Driver Titleist TSi3

Its entire face is of military-grade Aerospace Titanium and hence delivers speed regardless of where the ball hits the driver. To further boost the club’s speed, it employs an improved aerodynamic. So that not only delivers a satisfying shape but is easy to square at address and swift to swing.

Its design awards it high moments of inertia, forgiveness, and thus optimum speed. Further, the TSi3 driver employs the SureFit CG technology. Accordingly, you can adjust the center of gravity position. That means you can fine-tune the club’s settings and performance in every swing.

The driver thus fits golfers that need consistent hits of the ball coupled with precise control over the center of gravity location.

Woods: TaylorMade SIM2 Max (15 and18 Degrees) Accra Concept Series 380 Shaft

Fairway Wood TaylorMade Sim2 Max 15

Its construction combines a steel body with a carbon crown. The 185cc head thus has precise weight placement that gives a low center of gravity.

So it supports explosive speed, high launch, and medium spin. Also boosting the speed is the extra strong C300 steel face matched with the twist face technology.

On the other hand, a V outsole design minimizes friction and therefore boosting turf interaction. When your shots miss the sweet spot, the corrective property of the face directs the ball to a straighter trajectory.

In addition, the velocity pocket technology gives the outer sole enhanced flexibility. So it boosts the ball speed on incorrect shots made on the face.

Hybrid: Wilson Staff C300 Hybrid 17 Degrees, Accra Tour Zx Hybrid M5 Shaft

Hybrid Wilson Staff C300

The hybrid has been built around the power holes technology. It boasts a total of 5 holes around the face filled with urethane material. Accordingly, the power holes enhance the flex of the face thus an increase in speed and ball distance coverage.

At the same time, it employs two adjustable weights placed either on the toe or heel. Accordingly, you can fine-tune to get the correct draw or fade bias. But despite employing such technologies, it still maintains a compact and sleek appearance.

Utility Iron: Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 (4-Iron), Accra Tour Zx Hybrid M5 Shaft

Utility Iron Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 (4-Iron)

Looking at the long irons, you’ll notice that they have tungsten bar at the center of the sole. That helps to launch high without compromising distance performance. On the other hand, the short irons need no such tungsten bar.

Also, the leading edge is somehow blunt and so doesn’t dig into the ground often. The weighted cavity design helps shift the center of gravity from the center to around the perimeter.


Wilson Staff C300 Forged 5-Iron, KBS Tour-V 125 TX Shaft

Wilson Staff C300 Forged 5-Iron

From the compact head, it boasts 8620 carbon steel and a traditional profile. Besides, it uses power holes and FLX face technology. The power holes strategically placed in the toe increases face deflection, speed, and distance.

Furthermore, it uses tungsten weight to help lower the center of gravity and boost the launch angle without compromising the spin. Unlike the Tour V6, it has a large head that’s forgiving.

Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 (6-9), KBS Tour-V 125 TX Shaft

Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 (6-9)

The iron thrives on the double row of power holes. Thus it effectively increases the flexing of the face and hence generating more energy. Besides, it features a fully forged head.

Its level of forgiveness and ball speed performance is remarkable. Besides its forgiveness, low handicappers love the iron for the workability and ball control.

Wedges: Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP, 48, 52 and 56 Degrees (Bent to 57), KBS Tour-V 125 TX Shaft, Wilson Staff Model Hi-Toe

Wedges Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP

Its outstanding feature is the use of laser-etched lines to achieve precisely milled performance. The numerous, aggressive grooves and laser etching introduces more roughness on the surface.

So it introduces a fair amount of spin. Accordingly, it gives you an improved ability in controlling delicate shots. The flat surface club offers you three sole grind options namely; wide, tour, and traditional.

Putter: Odyssey 2-Ball

Putter Odyssey 2-Ball

When you look at the head of the club, it presents a large confident-inspiring size. Its two-ball design makes the putter easy to align at the address.

Since it boasts a large head, the club uses a white urethane insert to give it a desirable feel and also making it easy to twist. No wonder that Graeme Mcdowell WITB also includes Odyssey white hot putter.

Ball: Titleist ProV1x

Titleist Pro V1x

Just like his choice of driver, Harrington decides to settle for the Titleist Pro V1x ball. It’s one of the most widespread balls on Tour and you can also find it in Cameron Smith WITB. The notable features of the ball include long penetrating flight, impressive feel, and control around the green.

And to achieve that it relies on the reformulated 2.0 ZG dual-core, high flex, and resilient layer. Further, a cast soft urethane and aerodynamic design brings easy control of the short game and desired speed.


Padraig Harrington WITB consists mainly of Wilson Clubs. However, the Irish player punctuates his bag with a few items from Titleist and Callaway brands. And it’s the mix of fine clubs of various companies that gives him confidence and multiple victories in the game. So you can count on any of the clubs in the Padraig Harrington WITB.