Parts of Golf GPS

Golf is a sport about technique and precision. While your skills will take you far, it’s not the only thing that you need. It is also crucial to have the right equipment. Go beyond golf clubs. Among others, one of the most important is a golf GPS.

The right GPS delivers a plethora of functions that will elevate your game. For instance, it can also double as the best golf yardage device, making measurements a lot easier. More so, it helps in providing the appropriate location, logging your statistics, speeding up your game, and monitoring your performance. With all the benefits of golf GPS, it is a must-have investment for both novices and seasoned players.

To make the most out of your golf GPS, be familiar with its different parts. Read on and learn from the insights we’ll be sharing below.

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What are The Parts of Golf GPS?

A golf GPS is a sum of its parts. Meaning, it won’t unleash its full benefits if one part is not working properly. Below, we’ll take a closer look at what makes up a golf GPS.


This is perhaps the most important GPS component, which is also what occupies most of the device. It is where you can see crucial information about your game. The most important is its visibility. Day or night, regardless of the conditions of the environment where you are playing, it must have a bright display. Preferably, it must have a backlight. If the budget is not an issue, go for one with a color display.


The battery powers the golf GPS. Without one, the screen will not turn on and it will not function as intended. The unit will not be able to determine your location or track distances. See to it that the battery is in good condition to ensure optimal performance.

Different battery types are available for a golf GPS. When looking for a replacement, buy one that is exactly as the old battery. It must be compatible with the unit.


Depending on the type of the golf GPS that you have, it will have a mount, clip, or strap. It dictates how you will use the unit. For instance, if you will put it on the golf cart, a mount is necessary, meanwhile, if you will wear it on your belt, then there should be a clip. The best golf GPS watch, on the other hand, will have a strap.


When using the GPS, you will need to touch the buttons. They are often found on the side of the unit. Once they turn clunky, they become unresponsive. Regular cleaning is a must to prevent such from happening. Some models with have replaceable buttons while others are fixed into the unit.


Learning how to use golf GPS is a must to take your game to the next level. However, not all GPS devices are the same. From accuracy to ease of use, consider different factors as you evaluate the possibilities. Most importantly, see to it that all parts are working as they should, including those mentioned above.