10 Richest Golfers in the World You Must Know

When it comes to the richest athletes, we always think of basketball, football, soccer, and baseball players, among other sports. It is seldom that golfers come into the picture. Nonetheless, if you look closer, you will realize that golf is also a great way to make money. So, who is the richest golfer in the world? Keep on reading and learn from the list we’ll be sharing in this short guide.

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Who is the Richest Golfer in the World?

From tour prizes to corporate sponsorships, golfers earn money in many ways. The most popular would earn even without playing a game. Some players have tied up with some of the world’s biggest companies while others have put up their respective businesses. Read on and we’ll list down some of the wealthiest golfers.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

The top name on our list does not come as a surprise. When you think of golf, there is one name that often stands out – Tiger Woods. Unsurprisingly, he is the richest golfer in the world. While some might argue that he has long lost the peak of his career, it is undeniable that he is earning millions of dollars even if he is not playing a single game.

Tiger Woods Richest Golfer

Woods has an impressive golfing record, making him the richest in this list. He has 82 wins at PGA Tour, 41 at European Tour, three at Japan Golf Tour, two at Asian Tour, and three at PGA Tour of Australia.

Tiger Woods Net Worth

Wondering how wealthy is Tiger Woods? Based on the latest available data we found online, his net worth ranges from $800 to $900 million. In 2016, he was second on the list of Forbes highest paid athletes, next to Michael Jordan.

Tiger Woods Net Worth

More than the money from winning his tournaments, Woods has also been cashing in on his sponsors and endorsements. The latter account to 20% of his total earnings. He has endorsements for Nike, Rolex, and Monster Energy, among other reputable brands.

More than being one of the wealthiest golfers, Woods also has a kind heart. To give back to those in need, he established the TGR Foundation, which aims to promote golf amongst inner-city children.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer

While he is no longer alive, Palmer is another name that should not be missed when listing the richest golfers in the world. He is one of the most charismatic golfers, which also landed him many endorsement deals that contributed to his net worth.

Arnold Palmer Richest Golfer

Palmer has 62 wins in the PGA Tour, putting him at fifth overall. More so, he won the PGA Tour Champions ten times and the PGA Tour of Australia and European Tour two times. He also has some impressive accolades, including World Golf Hall of Fame, PGA Player of the Year, Vardon Trophy, Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award, and Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Arnold Palmer Net Worth

It is estimated that Palmer has a net worth of over $700 million, putting him next to Tiger Woods on this list. During the peak of his career, golf isn’t a lucrative sport in terms of the money that you can win. According to experts, he might have won only $3 million in his golfing career. Most of his wealth, however, came from his businesses. He has built a lot of businesses in and out of golf, which contributed to his high net worth.

Arnold Palmer Net Worth

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson

It was in 1992 when Mickelson turned pro. Since then, he has started amassing money in golf, making him the third richest golf player in our list. From 1991 to 2019, he has accumulated a total of 41 PGA Tour victories. He also has several international victories, such as in the HSBC Champions and Scottish Open. Meanwhile, he was inducted to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2012, which has cemented his reputation as amongst the best in the sport.

Phil Mickelson Richest Golfer

Phil Mickelson Net Worth

With a quick online research, we found out that Mickelson has a net worth of approximately $400 million. Nonetheless, it is also worth noting that throughout his career, he made only $80 million in golf tournaments.

Phil Mickelson Golfer

Most of his earnings are from businesses. For instance, he has been a Callaway endorser for years, which landed him a lucrative deal. He is also known for his outgoing and charming personality, making him a popular social media figure. Without a doubt, this has also increased the net worth of Phil Mickelson.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus

Known as The Golden Bear, Nicklaus is one of the richest pro golfers despite being now retired. During the peak of his career, he built a global name after winning some of the most prestigious tournaments where he participated. He has won the PGA Tour 73 times, which made him the third player with the most wins in such tournament. He also won the PGA Tour Champions ten times and the European Tour nine times. In 1994, he was inducted at the Golf Hall of Fame.

Jack Nicklaus Richest Golfer

Jack Nicklaus Net Worth

With a net worth of approximately $320 million, it is undeniable that Nicklaus is one of the most successful golfers globally. It is estimated that he won a total of $5.7 million prize money when he was still playing golf. Most of his earnings, however, were from his successful businesses. He has been actively building golf courses and resorts all over the world, which has contributed to his exceptional wealth. He has also written an autobiography and several golf instructional books, which have also contributed to his net worth.

Jack Nicklaus Golfer

Greg Norman

Greg Norman

An athlete-turned-businessman, Norman joins the rank of the highest paid golfers in this list. Also known as The Great White Shark, Norman has participated in more than 90 global golf tournaments. For 331 weeks, he has successfully defended his position as the number one golfer, which is the second-longest in the history of golf. In 2001, he was inducted at the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Greg Norman Richest Golfer

Greg Norman Net Worth

It is estimated that Norman has a net worth of $300 million. However, Greg Norman career earnings is estimated to be only $10 million. This might be smaller compared to the golfers above, but Norman made a fortune out of his business ventures. His investments have given him more cash to join the top ten golfers of all time with the highest net worth. More than a dozen companies carry his name. He is also the chairman and CEO of Greg Norman Company. His businesses include real estate, golf courses, wines, and golf apparel.

Greg Norman Golf

Gary Player

Gary Player

During the almost six decades that Gary Player has played golf professionally, he made a fortune enough for him to join the list of the richest golfers. He turned professional in 1953, and since then, he has been winning some of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. He has won the PGA Tour 24 times, the Sunshine Tour 60 times, the PGA Tour Champions 22 times, and the European Tour four times.

Gary Player Richest Golfer

Gary Player Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Gary Player is $250 million. Meanwhile, his career earnings were pegged at $14 million during his lengthy golf career. Even if he is no longer playing golf, he still makes a fortune out of his business ventures, demonstrating how wise he is in handling his finances. Like other golfers, he was also in the business of golf course design. Other business interests include licensing, wine, publishing, and apparel. He has also hosted different golf competitions, such as the Nelson Mandela Invitational.

Gary Player Golfer

Fred Couples

Fred Couples

After turning pro in 1980, Couples started making waves in the global golf scene. It did not take long before he has established his reputation as one of the best in the sport. As proof of this, he won the PGA Tour 15 times, the PGA Tour Champions 13 times, and the European Tour three times. He became a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2013. Other recognitions include Byron Nelson Award, Vardon Trophy, and PGA Player of the Year.

Fred Couples Richest Golfer

Fred Couples Net Worth

It is estimated that Couples has a net worth of $150 million. Despite his age and problems with his vision, he continues to be active, while he is no longer playing professionally, he also has successful business ventures, allowing him to enjoy a steady cashflow despite not having any prize money to boot. Throughout his career, he made about $23 million. Meanwhile, he has also designed golf courses and has a number of endorsements that contribute to his net worth.

Fred Couples Golf

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy

The pride of Northern Ireland, McIlroy has been playing golf since he was a kid. His father first taught him of the sport when he was only 18 months. Since then, he has been practicing golf and turned professional in 2007. Some of the tournaments that he won include PGA Tour (18 times) and European Tour (14 times). He was also bestowed several awards, such as PGA Player of the Year, Vardon Trophy, and European Tour Player of the Year. McIlroy is also popular for being one of the only four golfers to have won three majors before turning 25 years old.

Rory McIlroy Richest Golfer

Rory McIlroy Net Worth

Being one of the top paid golfers in the world, experts estimate that McIlroy has a net worth of more than $130 million. Aside from playing golf, he has also earned a lot from his corporate endorsements. He was even once ranked as one of the most marketable athletes in the world, ranking third after Neymar and Lionel Messi. He has endorsed Nike and TaylorMade, among other popular global brands.

Rory McIlroy golf

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth

While he is one of the youngest players in this list of the highest net worth golfers, Spieth proves that age is just a number. He already has 12 PGA Tour victories and two international victories. He has already played at more than 205 events, which is pretty impressive given his age. More than being a revered golfer, he also has a heart for others. Proof of this is the establishment of the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation.

Jordan Spieth Richest Golfer

Jordan Spieth Net Worth

Spieth has a total net worth of $100 million. Almost half of which he made from playing in professional golf tournaments. As a young golfer, he has an undeniable appeal to the global market, which also made him a popular endorser. Some of the most popular brands he has worked with include Rolex and Coca-Cola. His endorsement deals have also largely contributed to the growth of his net worth over the years.

Jordan Spieth Golf

Ernie Els

Ernie Els

Wrapping up our list of the highest earning golfers is a South African who is also known as The Big Easy. At 6’3”, he has a dominating stature that made him easy to recognize. Aside from his commanding height, he also has a fluid swing, which greatly contributed to his career victories.

Ernie Els Richest Golfer

Els has won the PGA Tour 19 times, the Sunshine Tour 18 times, the PGA Tour of Australasia five times, and the Asian Tour three times. In 2011, he joined the roster of esteemed personalities in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Ernie Els Net Worth

Based on conservative estimates, Els has a net worth of $85 million. Aside from the money he made winning global golf tournaments, his earnings were also from his business ventures. Same with many famous golf players, he is also involved in the business of golf course design, which has made huge contributions to his wealth. Plus, Els has a charitable foundation that helps South African kids, which is his way of giving back to the society.

Ernie Els Golf


Undeniably, Tiger Woods is the richest golfer of all time. Golf is almost synonymous to Woods, especially for those who are not following the sport. With Tiger Woods estimated net worth of over $800 to $900 million dollars, he is far above many of the other greatest golfers in the world.