Rick Shiels WITB – What’s In The Bag of Rick Shiels

Rick Shiels was born on 3rd July 1986. Having earned a diploma in golf studies, Shiels became a professional golfer. Besides he operates a YouTube golf channel that commands millions of viewers. Hence that authenticates his deep-seated knowledge in the sport.

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Rick Shiels

Shiels started golfing at Hart Common Golf Club when he was only 11. And 10 years into golf and having completed PGA golf training, the golf professional began working at Country and Mere Golf club in England.

While still working in Trafford Golf Centre, he set up a YouTube golf channel where he posted golf-related videos. And slowly he has attracted attention and even emerged as the top golf channel in June 2020.

During the initial launch of the golf channel, he partnered with leading brands such as INC., Nike, Mastercard, and Garmin. Though Nike has been his longtime partner, Shiels decided not to renew his contract with the brand in February 2021.

Besides featuring several celebrities, Shiels also shows golf equipment reviews, golf stories, and instructional tips. And by April 2021, the channel had attracted at least 1.54 million subscribers and more than 374 million views.

So what does the certified golf instructor has in his bag? And how does it compare with other leading golf pros bags such as Collin Morikawa WITB? Let’s find out.

Rick Shiels WITB

Putter: EVN ROLL ER2 Putter


The EVN ROLL ER2 Putter thrives on the face groove technology. The gaps are wider in the middle than the edges of the face. Therefore the grooves form a V shape, and hence correct mishits to fall back at the center. For that reason, it delivers consistent roll across the entire face of the putter.

Its milling boasts a solid 303 stainless steel block. Further, it presents one of the widest heads which translates to boosted forgiveness and moments of inertia. Its slightly open-toe design helps deliver straight strokes.

Wedges: Taylormade MG2 (60, 56, 52 Degrees)

Wedges TaylorMade MG2

It’s interesting to note that the John Daly WITB and the Rick Shiels WITB have Taylormade milled grind wedges. The wedge blends many technologies.

For instance, its face presents raw face technology. So the ZTP Raw groove design boosts greenside spin since the grooves are sharp, narrow, and deep in design.

At the same time, the precise milling of the grooves delivers optimum turf interaction, preciseness and accuracy that the human hand can’t replicate. Its head has optimum weight distribution thus resulting in improved feel and flight.

And talking of feel, the back cavity wedge employs a TPU insert. And thus it effectively eliminates unwanted vibrations, gives a solid and impressive feel in every shot.

Irons: Ping Blueprint Irons (4-9) (23.5, 27.0, 30.5, 34.0, 38 and 42.0 Degrees)

Irons Ping Blueprint Irons (4-9)

From its short blade length, narrow sole, and the thin top line the Ping Blueprint iron targets golfers with precise striking skills. Since having been forged from 8620 carbon steel, at the point of impact they deliver a soft, solid feel and satisfying feedback.

Match the blueprint irons with your ideal shaft and you’ll reap good control of the flight. Although their level of forgiveness can’t compare to the G410 irons, the Blueprints irons are still forgiving and easy to hit.

Moreover, in the toe, the irons incorporate a tungsten screw that effectively increases stability and forgiveness on slight mishits.

Utility irons: Titleist U500 2 Iron 18 Degrees

Titleist U500 (4)

If you wish to replace it a long iron or hybrid in your bag, then the U500 2 iron makes a good option. Structurally it features a slim top line, short blade, and very minimal offset. Accordingly, it fits better golfers.

A tungsten weight in the toe, on the other hand, accommodates slight error when aiming the sweet spot. The versatile utility iron offers better shot shaping abilities than ordinary irons. A highly skilled golfer will find the U500 2 iron resourceful.

It not only produces swift ball speed but enhances your ability to shape your shots and control ball trajectory.

3-Wood: Cobra F7 3W (14.5 Degrees)

3-Wood Cobra F7 3W (14.5 Degrees)

The fairway wood taps on the baffler rail system. Cobra employs the technology and thus produces rail heights that are shallower in the 3-4 woods but thicker in the 7-8 woods. Accordingly, progressive rail technology produces better launches and shots from different lies.

At the same time, the rail design is such that it improves the club’s interaction with the turf. Moreover, the 3 wood features dual adjustable weights. Subsequently you can easily fine-tune the wood to give optimum flight for every swing you make.

For instance, adjusting the weight to be heavier at the front minimizes spin but increases ball distance. On the other hand, if you need more stopping power around the green, then shifting more weight back benefits you. Besides, doing so will increase the spin and launch too.

Driver: Cobra F9 Driver, 9 Degrees

Driver Cobra King F9

Similar to Jason Dufner WITB, Rick Shiels golf bag also carries the Cobra F9 driver. The club blends various technologies to optimize forgiveness, ball, and club head speed.

The aerodynamic head shape combined with a rounded leading edge and crown enhances airflow on the club. As a result, it maximizes speed and stability. Also, the deep and low center of gravity boosts ball speed, delivers low spin, and thus extreme distance

On the face, the CNC milling technique results in a thin and hot clubface. Whereas the extra light Carbon Wrap Crown helps minimize weight the use of forged E9 face technology results in a large elliptical sweet spot.

At the same time, the driver gives you an adjustable weight system. That means you can modify the draw or fade bias to suit your game.

Ball: Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

Titleist Pro V1

Regardless of your swing speed, the Titleist ProPro V1 golf ball has a design that suits you. Its soft surface makes it a great ball for short game control. Thus it will support you in making bunker, chip, or pitch shots.

Also when playing in a windy environment, the Prov1 ball offers a low spin rate and a high penetration ability thus staying consistent. The Pro V1 ball suits both amateur and pro golfers.

However, the player with a swing speed of at least 100 mph will reap optimum benefits from the ball. That includes maximum spin rate, greenside control and long drives.


Every golfer understands the importance of having the right golf club that blends with your game style. That’s why you can count on the advice of Rick Shiels and the clubs in his bag.

And owing to his sound advice and deep knowledge of golf, he commands over a million subscribers in his YouTube channel. So go through the clubs that Shiels uses. You then won’t have difficulty when upgrading a club in your bag.