Russell Knox WITB – What’s In The Bag of Russell Knox

Having garnered seven professional wins in golf, Russell Knox WITB is worth looking into deeply. The Scottish player was born on 21st June 1985. With a net worth of around 30million, he has earned a significant amount of dollars from the sport.

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Achievements Highlights

Russell Knox

Previously Russell Knox had been playing on Tour. Officially he became a professional golfer in 2007. Currently, you’ll find the pro tour on European and PGA tours.

In his golf career, he has earned seven professional wins. That includes winning the World Golf Championship in 2015 and the Travelers Championship in 2016. Read on to know the clubs Russell Knox WITB stocks that saw him earn the victory in the Irish Open in 2018

Russell Knox WITB

Driver: Ping G400 LST 10˚

Driver Ping G400 LST 10˚

Both the Bernhard Langer WITB and Russell Knox WITB have Ping G series drivers.  The Ping G400 LST driver that Knox uses has the acoustic tuning that produces a rewarding and pleasant sound.

Also, it incorporates high-density tungsten weight at the back. Accordingly, it boosts the moment of inertia (MOI) significantly and makes it more forgiving and accurate.

And by employing the Dragonfly technology, it saves on weight by having an ultrathin skirt and crown. And so, that further boosts the center of gravity location and its moments of inertia. Besides, the driver has an aerodynamic shape that minimizes drag.

So the Ping G400 LST is a low spin driver that helps boost the ball speed and distance yet, still forgiving. Apart from boasting a thin face, the use of T9S+ yields a more flexing and durable driver.

3-Wood: Ping G400 14.5˚

3-Wood Ping G400 14.5˚

By using the C300 maraging steel face, the Ping G400 feels sturdy but more flexible. Combined with the ultra-light face and deep center of gravity, the Ping G400 gives you a boost in ball speed.

The fairway wood has extra weight on the heel. For that reason, the surplus weight at the back significantly improves its moment of inertia and forgiveness.

At the same time, the 3-wood is void of grooves at the center. In effect in off the tee, it remarkably boosts the ball speed.

Owing to its lower leading edge, it rests low on the ground, thus allowing the upper part of the face to impact the ball. So the fairway wood makes it trouble-free to get the golf ball in the air.

5-wood: Cleveland Launcher FL, 19˚

5-wood Cleveland Launcher FL, 19˚

Taking on a sturdy steel face and hollow design, the 5-wood club shifts the weight back and deep in the head. It’s thus optimized for high launch and projecting the ball farther.

Hence if you need a club that’s simple to use and helps you launch the ball high in the air, Cleveland Launcher FL looks promising.

Although its head appears slightly large, the lightweight and stiff Miyazaki shaft enables the fairway wood to inject a penetrating flight into the ball. Following its large head, the Cleveland Launcher FL is forgiving and hence inspires confidence.

Hybrid: Cleveland Launcher DST, 20.5

Hybrid Cleveland Launcher DST, 20.5


The hybrid club blends an outstanding shaft and club head. Accordingly, when you hold it in your hands, you can quickly set the ball into the air. Also, it assists a player in launching the ball at a greater distance.

When you look at the head, it features a leading edge of a slightly beveled shape. The players that usually hit fat with hybrids can thus benefit from its design.

The leading beveled edge doesn’t dig into the ground but slides effortlessly on the grass.  Accordingly that helps get the ball off the ground effortlessly.

Overall the Cleveland Launcher DST, 20.5 deliver unbelievable distance, optimized forgiveness, and outstanding ball flight.

Irons: Srixon Z 745 (4-9)

Irons Srixon Z 745 (4-9)

Russell Knox finds the Srixon Z 745 (4-9) suitable. The irons feature forged 1020 carbon steel. And owing to its low carbon content, it gives better feedback and feel of the ball.

Further, the Irons have strategically placed tungsten weight. In effect, the precise weight placement allows you to fine-tune to get the right sweet spot for you.

Besides, it blends the strategic weight placement with Tour VT sole design. The outcome is an iron that boosts ball trajectory control and turf interaction.

On the other hand, the Srixon Z 745 taps on the high-tech laser milling in designing the face. So it produces a clubface with a stable spin and better control of distance.

Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 48˚, 54˚, 60˚

Wedges Cleveland RTX-3 48˚, 54˚, 60˚

Unlike the previous wedges, it features the third generation Rotex technology, RTX-3. The wedges, therefore, present deep narrow tour grooves with sharp edges. Besides, the clubs employ narrow V sole grind.

The two techniques produce wedges that give good interaction with the ball. That means even without opening the face to a higher degree you can still launch the ball higher.

Furthermore, the wedges blend Feel Balance technique and shorter hosel. Thus the center of gravity shifts close to the face center.

The weight saved by shortening the hosel and drilling cavity is redistributed across the back. In the end, the club produces a tighter dispersion and improved feel.

Putter: Scotty Cameron Tour Only Newport 2 NB

Putter Scotty Cameron Tour Only Newport 2 NB

Regarding the choice of a putter, Jimmy Walker WITB and Russell Knox WITB share the same brand, Scotty Cameron. The putter thrives on a slightly wider notchback and floating insert that gives it a high moment of inertia. So even when you don’t hit the ball at the center, the putter won’t twist.

Also, the precise milling of a soft 303 steel in making the putter yields an optimized feel and responsiveness of the club. It makes mastering the strokes and building confidence with the club much simpler.

Ball: Srixon Z-Star XV

Golf Ball Srixon Z Star XV

From a new core to cover and a dimpled pattern, the Srixon Z-Star XV pushes every part of the ball to its utmost limit and performance. No wonder it also features in the Graeme Mcdowell WITB.

The four-layer ball uses three distinct golf technologies. The new FastLayer core feels soft at the center but grows firm as it edges outside. That gives a remarkable feel, speed and thus optimized to go far.

A new spin skin technology blended with sturdy SeRM (slide ring material). Therefore, the urethane cover can penetrate the grooves and thus maximizes spin. In effect, it makes it easier to control or stop the ball.

Moreover, the use of a 338 speed-dimpled pattern minimizes drag and enabling the ball to penetrate even the windiest environment.


Each pro golfer picks on the best clubs and ball that work for him best. So if your game likens to that of Russell Knox, there you have what he has in his golf bag.

The Tour-proven golf pieces of equipment won’t let you down on account of quality. You can pick one or two items from the Russell Knox WITB and add them to your bag. If you need confidence in your game, don’t be afraid to invest in the right club.