Ryan Moore WITB  – What’s In The Bag of Ryan Moore

Following his numerous victories in the sport, many upcoming golfers have an intense interest in digging into Ryan Moore WITB. Born on 5th Dec 1982 in Washington, Ryan David Moore has been playing golf from high school years.

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Achievements Highlights

Ryan Moore

Even at high school, Moore showed remarkable performance. For example, in 2000, the American golfer finished as a runner-up in the US Junior Amateur. However, in the year that followed, he emerged top in the individual state championship.

All in all, in his amateur career, he garnered six wins. That includes winning the NCAA individual championship and the U.S. Amateur in the same year 2004.

In 2005 Moore turned professional where he earned five victories. Besides, he has also received several awards and titles. That includes Haskins Awards and Ben Hogan Awards in 2005.

During career, his highest Official World Golf Ranking was 27th position in 2014. Find below what the Ryan WITB currently stocks.


Driver: TaylorMade SIM (10.5 Degrees)

Fairway Wood: TaylorMade SIM

Taylormade drivers are widespread in Tour levels. For example, you’ll also find them in Kenny Perry WITB. Ryan Moore WITB also stores TaylorMade SIM drivers. The driver has the aerodynamic and geometry that gives it improved performance.

Taylormade uses the Inertia Generator technology to make asymmetrically shaped soles. The technology helps locate low center of gravity at the back of the club. Combined with the redesigned head shape, it gives a forgiving driver, with a minimum drag, and boosted aerodynamics.

However, unlike the predecessor, it still uses the inverted cone technology, speed pocket, twist face, and speed injection. The combination of the technologies addresses the speed and forgiveness of the club.

TaylorMade SIM’s new shape brings low spin, enhanced ball flight penetration, and optimized adjustability.

3-Wood: Titleist TSi2 (15 degrees, A1 Setting)

Fairway Wood Titleist TSi2

Both Jason Dufner WITB and Ryan Moore WITB have Titleist fairway wood. The Titleist TSi2 used by Moore is easy to launch and forgiving too. It makes use of the 4th generation of the active recoil channel (ARC) technology.

The short ARC rests at the back of the leading edge of the club. Accordingly, it boosts the face flex, speed, and ball distance at the point of impact.

Its low and deep center of gravity makes it forgiving and easy to launch. And owing to its high forgiving nature, golfers of different handicaps find it resourceful.

Hybrids: Srixon ZX (19, 22 degrees), Oban Revenge Hybrid 85X Shafts

Iron Srixon ZX Utility Iron

Its compact head reflects a slight pear shape. The rebound frame, on the other hand, improves the energy transfer from the Srixon ZX hybrid to the ball.

The hybrid club uses the crown step technology and shifts the center of gravity down while also boosting the moments of inertia. As a result, it displays improved launch, distance and it’s also more forgiving.

You can therefore use the Srixon ZX hybrid to make shots that reach high on the turf. Besides taking a small footprint of space, it appeals to the eye and comes to be handy in demanding circumstances.

Irons: Mizuno MP-18 (4-PW)

Irons Mizuno MP-18 (4-PW)

The Mizuno MP-18 (4-PW) has a design that suits pro golfers with consistent striking skills. That’s why you’ll find it Paul Casey WITB. It abounds in pleasing aesthetic, feel, and performance.

The Irons feature 1025e steel carbon with a high density that concentrates the grain. The high grain density behind the face impact zone is very useful. It makes up for the valuable feedback and feel of the Mizuno irons.

When compared to the previous Mizuno iron models, the MP-18 has a head that’s relatively smaller, lighter, and shorter. Thus it suits low handicap golfers. And owing to the forged quality its feedback level is outstanding.

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zip Core Tour Rack (54/10MID, 58/06LOW)

Wedges Cleveland RTX Zip Core Tour Rack

Cleveland RTX Zip Core Tour Rack allows you to customize your wedge to reflect your Tour demand. You can get them in either raw or polished finish. The wedges present a compact and traditional profiled design whose leading edge is straight.

Its sweet spot is closer to the club’s face. For that matter, most of the shots hit squarely on the center. So the Cleveland RTX Zip Core gives a solid feel and sound. Furthermore, it boasts a high resistance to twisting.

Putter: Odyssey O Works V-Line Fang

Putter Odyssey O Works V-Line Fang

The Odyssey O Works V-Line Fang putter stands out with its unique head shape. Also, it boasts an alignment aid that’s perpendicular to the face. Its round weighted perimeter fangs, etched graphics, and smooth lines appeal to many players.

And it’s the blend of the crank Hosel Mallet and Microhinge Face Insert that boosts the performance of the putter. The wide head and weighted head uniquely dampen vibrations thus producing a soft and muted feel.

Besides feeling balanced, making the perfect strokes and topspin with the putter is simpler. So if you need the putter that offers a soft feel and precise response then the Odyssey O Works V-Line Fang club is worth the investment.

Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

Titleist Pro V1x

It assumes a new aerodynamic design that boosts distance, gives high and consistency in flight. To achieve that, it begins with a reformulated dual-core, resilient top-speed ionomer. That decreases long game spin but increases speed.

Its cover is of the softest cast urethane elastomer. So it boosts the greenside spin thereby injecting control in your short game. The Titleist Pro V1x is the ball to pick on when you need to focus on performance and high ball flight.

When you need improved control in the drop and stop game control, the Titleist Pro V1x proves a good candidate. Jonas Blixt WITB also keeps the same ball.


You can also work your way up the ladder and be a professional golfer. With a little patience, the right training and the best golf equipment, you can make it. So out of the three requirements, the post gives you the sample of the Tour-proven clubs in the Ryan Moore WITB.

From Putters to wedges and Irons you have a wide array to pick, depending on your game style. Ryan Moore has tried and proven the above models to be of the right quality. You can improve your future games by investing in the right club today.