Shane Lowry WITB – What’s In The Bag of Shane Lowry

Born on 2nd April 1987, Shane Lowry is a professional golfer of immense capabilities. The Irish Pro golfer currently plays on the European and PGA Tour. In about 10 years of playing as a professional golfer, Lowry has gathered five professional victories.

That makes Shane Lowry WITB worthy looking into. Some of his notable wins include the 2019 Open Championship and the Irish Open victory of 2009.

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Achievements Highlights

Shane Lowry

Lowry learned the ropes of golf in Esker Hills Golf Club. While still an amateur player, he teamed up with the Ireland team and won the European Amateur Team Championship in 2007 and 2008.

Still pressing on as an amateur, he won the Irish Open in the County Louth Golf Club in May 2009. The victory placed him 6th in the World Amateur Golf Ranking. In 2009 he turned professional, and three years later, in 2012, he realized the first pro victory at the Portugal Masters.

The victory saw Lowry enter the top 100 on the Official World Golf Ranking and allowing him to take part in WGC-HSBC Champions. Altogether he has won the European Tour 5 times and the PGA Tour 2 times.

Shane Lowry WITB

Shane’s golf bag mostly comprises of Cleveland-Srixon golf clubs just like Graeme Mcdowell WITB.

Driver: Srixon Z 585 (9.5°, Mitsubishi Diamana White 70X Shaft)

Srixon Z 585 Driver

At a glance, you’ll realize that the Srixon Z 585 boasts a Tour-styled look and low profile. It’s the driver that possesses unique adaptations of delivering low spin and penetrating trajectories.

It employs the Ti51AF Cup Face that’s light, strong, but very fast. As such, the face is durable and flexes more to generate remarkable ball speed and distance.

Further, it employs the lightweight carbon crown that supports the redistribution of more weights on the perimeter. With such a design, the driver becomes more forgiving and accurate in shot-making.

Besides, it uses quick tune adjustment. So it feels effortless to customize the swing weight and loft, thereby shaping your shots correctly.

Fairway Woods

TaylorMade SIM2 3-wood (15°, Graphite Design Tour AD DI-8 X Shaft)

TaylorMade Sim2

Although it uses the V steel sole, it presents a re-distributed weight such that it achieves a low center of gravity and becomes more forgiving. Also, the weight shifting aids it in smooth turf interaction.

Its face features the ZATECH TI Twist Face and thru slot speed pocket technologies. The titanium gives it extra strength and thus allowing it to generate ultra-high ball speed. At the same time, the twist face structure permits it to still deliver straight shots even on mishits.

Its construction blends different materials such as a light carbon crown, steel soleplate, and titanium body. The mix gives a fairway wood with low CG but high moments of inertia.

TaylorMade M5 5-wood (19°, Graphite Design Tour AD DI-8 X Shaft)

TaylorMade M5 5-wood

The fairway wood has multiple features that make it superior. Its face has a revolutionary curvature thanks to the Twist face technology. Using the face-corrective angle, it redirects off-center hits to deliver straight shots.

Its multi-material design featuring a large crown. On the other hand, the deep face offers good playability and optimized distance performance.

Also, it uses the superior speed pocket design that gives it a broad COR area and improved off-center strikes performance. Further, its TPU fits nicely on the surface such that it delivers smooth turf interaction.

Driving iron: Srixon ZX Utility (21°, Nippon 120 X Shaft)

Iron Srixon ZX Utility Iron

The utility iron features a small, compact, and blade-like structure. At the back of the face of the irons, it has a milled pattern. Accordingly, that helps maximize the coefficient of restitution. As a result, every shot excels in ball speed and distance coverage.

Besides, the irons also feature a hollow design and therefore have added forgiveness. Consequently, it translates to higher launch, extended distance, and improved control ability. Whereas it uses tungsten weight in the base to lower the CG, a forged 1020 carbon steel body effectively dampens vibrations and improves the feel.


Srixon ZX5 (4 and 5)

Srixon ZX5 (4 and 5)


In contrast to Vijay Singh WITB that has Mizuno Irons, Lowry settles for Srixon irons.  The Srixon ZX5 irons present a thin top line and moderate offset.

They are a deal when you need solid spin and stronger ball speed. At the back of the face, the iron uses the MainFrame technology. Precisely milled patterns help optimize flexion and therefore boosting speed.

On the club’s body is the 1020 carbon steel that effectively absorbs unwarranted vibrations. Besides, at the sole, there is a tungsten weight insert that improves moments of inertia, stability and makes the club more forgiving on off-center strikes.

Srixon ZX7 (6-PW, KBS Tour 130X Shafts)

Irons Srixon ZX7

These are the irons that borrow the looks and feel of the blade and blends it with more speed and distance control. It’s able to deliver such benefits since it has a compact blade structure, narrow topline, and sole.

And since it features single-piece forging, its feel and aesthetics are commendable. So for the workable irons, delivers exceptional feel and distance the Srixon ZX7 is hard to beat.

Wedges: Cleveland RTX ZipCore (50, 58°, KBS Tour Wedge X Black Shaft)

Wedge Cleveland RTX ZipCore

Using the ZipCore feature the wedge enjoys high moments of inertia, high spin, and boost control of the ball. At the same time, its grooves are sharp, deep, narrow, and closely packed. Accordingly, they bite more and don’t harbor debris.

Heat treatment on the wedge further gives it an enhanced lifespan. And to crown it all the wedges come in three diverse ole grinds.

Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Exo 2-Ball


Instead of concentrating weight on the head, the putter features more perimeter weighting. As a result, it feels stable and boasts more forgiveness. A golfer thus reaps consistent speed and distance control from the putter.

Also, the stiff and tip-heavy shaft injects improved control and performance. And considering the extra weight on the sole and the butt-end, the club offers a smooth consistent putting experience.

Ball: Srixon Z Star XV

Golf Ball Srixon Z Star XV

The design of the four-piece Srixon Z star XV picks on several leading technologies. It uses the energetic gradient growth core technology. Consequently, that delivers optimal launching conditions for an extraordinary distance off the tee.

Using the 338-speed dimple pattern the ball achieves enhanced aerodynamics. So that improves the flight, promotes gain in distance and control on full shots.

And finally, the outer coating features a super elastic spin skin. Therefore the Srixon Z Star XV ball feels soft, has a high greenside spin, and promises consistency in a spin on approaching shots from diverse lies.


Even without mixing clubs from different brands, you can still display excellent performance. For instance Webb Simpson WITB uses Titleist clubs.

Shane Lowry WITB on the other hand stocks mostly Srixon golf clubs. But that hasn’t stopped him from registering numerous victories.

Therefore why not stuff your golf bag with any of the Srixon clubs feel the experience they offer you?