Thomas Pieters WITB – What’s In The Bag of Thomas Pieters

The Belgian pro player, Thomas Pieters, was born on 27th January 1992. He began playing golf at the tender age of 5. As an amateur player, he attended the University of Illinois and realized several victories in the sport.

That includes the Jack Nicklaus and 2012 NCAA Division I Championship. But as a professional golfer, he has won the European Tour 4 times.

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Achievements Highlights

Thomas Pieters

As an amateur player, he garnered four victories. Thomas Pieters sacrificed his second year at the university and turned a pro player in 2013. Eventually, he worked his way to the European Tour. That finally saw him rise to play in the PGA and European Tour in 2013.

Owing to his proficiency in the sport, Thomas has won 5 professional wins. Besides emerging 23rd at the official world golf ranking, the Belgian player has also featured in major championship events.

In 2017, he finished with T4 at the Masters Tournament. In the 2018 PGA Championship, Thomas Pieters finished with T6. With a net worth of about $4 million, he is one of the leading players to acknowledge.

So that brings us to Thomas Pieters WITB. And just like Lydia Ko WITB that has mostly PXG stuff, Pieters keeps mostly Callaway clubs.

Thomas Pieters WITB

Driver: Callaway Rogue, (9°), Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange 70 TX

Driver Callaway Rogue, (9°)

At a glance, the Callaway Rogue Driver looks bigger than the Epic. It thus inspires confidence, especially at the address. The driver employs the Jailbreak technology. That involves the use of two titanium rods to join the sole and crown.

For that reason, Callaway rogue can tolerate more loads. Compared to the Callaway Epic drivers, the hourglass-shaped titanium roads feel 25 percent lighter. The light crown, face, and titanium rods make up for the substantial weight saving, thus leading to the seemingly extended size by appearance.

It also makes use of the speed step aerodynamic crown and adds extra weight to the heel. Accordingly, it makes it easy to square the face of the driver all the time. On the other hand, the relationship created between the thin face and the titanium roads boosts the speed of the ball.

3-Wood: Callaway Rogue, Mitsubishi Tensei CK 80 TX

3-Wood Callaway Rogue

The jailbreak technology gives the Callaway Rogue fairway wood driver one of its distinguishing features. The thin and springy steel face gives a remarkable boost of speed to the ball.

Furthermore, a glued hosel and carbon composite crown reduces the weight. Hence, Callaway then achieves to design a fairway wood with an ultra-low center of gravity and high moments of inertia.

If you can hit the ball rightly, the Callaway Rogue fairway wood produces a remarkable boost in ball speed and distance.  In summary, it presents low launch, high spin, tremendous speed, and tight dispersion.

Driving iron: Callaway Apex, (2-iron), True Temper Project X 6.5

Iron Callaway Apex

When it comes to driving irons, Thomas Pieters prefers the Callaway Apex. The precise center of gravity, the face cup technology and artificial intelligence makes it a driving iron to admire at Tour level.

Irons: Callaway Apex Pro, (3-PW), True Temper Project X 6.5

Iron Callaway Apex Pro 16

Similar to the Marc Leishman WITB, the Thomas Pieters WITB also contains the Callaway Apex Pro Irons. Although the irons have the same physical appearance as their predecessor X-forged, their performance is incomparable.

The Callaway Apex Pro uses the 1025 mild carbon steel body and thus produces a soft feel. Besides, it also taps on the urethane microspore technology. The numerous air pockets in the microspheres absorb unnecessary vibrations without slowing the face.

Moreover, it also incorporates 50 grams of tungsten in the iron to accurately help in locating the correct center of gravity that leads to outstanding ball flight. A new cavity design in the iron helps produce a face that is 17% thinner than the X-forged designs.

Wedges: Callaway Mack Daddy 4, (52°, 56°), True Temper Project X 6.5, (58°), Dynamic Gold S400

Callaway Golf Men's Matte Black Mack Daddy 4

When looking for some of the top wedges with an outstanding spin, Callaway Mack Daddy 4 is hard to pass by. Majorly it’s due to the use of groove-in-groove technology.

The main grooves that run horizontally feature saw cut precision. Therefore low lofted wedges registers spin consistency on fuller shots. For shots that fall on the thinner side, the “Nip It” groove proves useful by boosting their spin.

Low loft wedges (for example, the 52° wedge) feature narrow and thin 20D grooves. For that same reason, they maintain spin consistency on fuller shots. The higher lofts wedges, on the other hand, present a wide 5D groove. So they support enhanced grip on short swings.

Callaway Mack Daddy 4’s rounded head rests nicely at the address. At the same time, all its four grinds give smooth interaction with the turf. Besides, the four ports help to push the center of gravity upwards. Considering it uses 8620 carbon steel, the wedges give a satisfactory feel.

Putter: Odyssey Lucky 777

Putter Odyssey Lucky 777

Similar to the Bernhard Langer WITB that has an odyssey ball, Thomas Pieters WITB also stocks Odyssey Lucky 777 putter. The club features an aluminum soleplate that contributes to significant weight reduction and hence optimizing performance.

Its moment of inertia is similar to that of the Odyssey Lucky 777 and shields it from possible twists arising from off-center hits.

Besides the club, the package is complete with a weight set. Therefore, the set permits you to vary the weight of the head from 360g, 350g, and 340g. That means you can match the weight of the head to your desirable putter state. A copper rose finish then gives the putter a cool look.

Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft

Golf Ball Callaway Chrome Soft X

Its whole design anchors around the graphene dual soft core technique. On the outer cover, the ball employs an ultra-thin but strong graphene material. Owing to the thin cover, the inner core assumes a soft and large size thus promoting an enhanced ball speed.

Such a makeover gives the chrome soft ball a tangible improvement in the long game performance. Besides optimizing speed and distance, it also gives a consistent ball flight.

When you make short shots, the Callaway Chrome Soft ball maintains its shape. By so doing, it produces Tour quality spins. So it becomes ideal when making shot stops around the green.


As the post reviews, Thomas Pieters WITB is full of Callaway clubs. He merges the clubs with his pro skills and shines in the golf sport. Therefore, that positions him to reap 4 times victory in European Tour.

You can also push your game to the next level by picking on the right putter, wedge, or fairway wood. Borrow idea(s) from the Belgian golfer. Don’t shy off from investing in the right golf equipment because with dedication, it pays off.