Tony Finau WITB – What’s In The Bag of Tony Finau

An American professional golfer, Tony Finau is a part of the PGA Tour. Since his amateur days, Finau has already been making a name for himself. When he turned professional, he proved that he is a name to watch out for. Among others, the success of Finau in the sport can be attributed to the equipment he is using. Keep on reading as we give you a sneak peek of Tony Finau WITB.

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Who is Tony Finau?


When he was in college, Finau had offers to play basketball. However, he chose to focus on golf, and such has proven to be a good decision. He has been playing mini tournaments while studying, including NGA Hooters Tour, National Pro Tour, and Gateway Tour. In 2016, he won the Utah State Amateur Championship.

Finau turned professional in 2007 and became a part of the PGA Tour where he had one win. He also won the Kerry Ferry Tour, giving him a total of two professional golf victories. He has played in the Masters Tournament, PGA Tour Canada, US Open, and The Opeh Championship.

Tony Finau WITB

Tony Finau WITB

Finau used to be a Nike staffer. However, the company closed its golf manufacturing business in 2016, which made Finau explore other options. He has recently signed with Ping, so expect that the latter manufactures most of what’s in the bag of Tony Finau. Many of his clubs are similar to Cameron Champ WITB and Bubba Watson WITB, who are also with Ping.

Driver: PG425 LST

Driver PG425 LST

With a pear-shaped and 445cc clubhead, this driver will significantly improve one’s game, so we are not surprised to learn that it has been a staple in the bag of Tony Finau. It delivers a flat and low-launching trajectory, which is attributed to the efficient design of the head.

Another good feature is the 17-gram center of gravity shifter. The latter allows various customizations depending on what is most suitable for the player. You can set this to Fade, Neutral, or Draw to suit the anticipated ball flight.

The precision-forged face is another innovation that makes the construction of this driver ahead of its time. It is made of a high-strength material that improves flex to deliver better distance and speed.

More so, the driver has an internal ribbing. It reinforces the key portions of the club. The result is that it has a solid feel and sound.

Fairway Wood: PG400

Fairway Wood PG400

The Ping G400 is a family of clubs used by many golfers. They have fairway woods as well, as that is what you can find in Tony Finau WITB. The biggest difference from the older model is the new maraging face, which significantly boosts the performance of the club. With this new technology, the speed of the ball can be improved by up to 2 mph.

Out of all the fairway woods, this model has the thinnest crown. By being ultra-thin, it significantly saves weight, making the club lighter. Nonetheless, being lightweight does not mean that the performance has to suffer. It improves the center of gravity and moment of inertia while also resulting in lesser fatigue.

Lastly, we love the design of the shaft. They have an elegant feel and can promote the highest level of comfort. From the moment that you touched the shaft, you will understand why it is used even by professionals.

Iron: Nike Vapor Fly Pro

Iron Nike Vapor Fly Pro

As earlier mentioned, Finau used to be a Nike staffer. Understandably, he still relies on the company’s clubs, even if it has continued manufacturing golf equipment. His iron is the only one from Nike in his set-up.

One of the first things that you will notice in this iron is the rebel-black look, which gives it a distinct appeal. It has a hollow cavity and three-resin pocket, among other construction features that make it impressive. The forgiveness is also notable, which makes it a great alternative for players who struggle in using longer irons.

Wedge: Ping Glide Forged

Wedges Ping Glide Forged

Many of the wedges available in the market today have a cast construction. This model stands out because it is forged. This is Ping’s best-selling wedge, so it is just fitting that it is used by players like Finau. It was designed with other Ping tour players and experts, making it a result of years of research and collaboration.

Looking at its features, one of the most notable is the wheel-cut and precision-milled grooves. This is a design that you will find exclusively in this wedge. It results in better ball interaction, and in turn, the user will have a better control of speed and trajectory.

The carbon steel body is also notable. More than being beautiful and lightweight, it feels incredibly soft. There is also a tungsten toe, which improves the forgiveness of this golf club.

Putter: Piretti Elite Custom

Putter Piretti Elite Custom

The Elite Series is the performance line of putters from Piretti. As it is fitting or someone like Finau, this putter has been customized with his needs and playing style in mind. It is a product of extensive research to find what suits him best. Made of solid 303 stainless steel, this putter also comes with a polished finish. Looking online, we found minimal information about this putter. Nonetheless, since it is preferred by Finau, we have reasons to believe that this is a great product.

Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1

Golf Ball Titleist Pro V1

This is perhaps one of the most popular golf balls ever made, and that explains why it is a common fixturee in the set-up of the pros. This is the same ball that you will find in Brooks Koepka WITB and Justin Thomas WITB. It is designed with the needs of experts in mind and packed with the best innovations possible.

Among others, this golf ball stands out because of its construction. It uses the best materials possible to optimize every shot. At its core, you will find 2.0 ZG Process, which increases its distance. The ball also has a high-flex casing layer, and this is responsible adding speed and minimizing spin. There is also a short and soft urethane cover, which provides the user with a better control of how the ball moves. Plus, it has enhanced aerodynamics for better flight consistency.


Looking at what’s in the bag of Tony Finau, it is safe to say that he believes in the quality of Ping clubs. He was once a Nike staffer, but his set-up eventually changed to Ping after Nike has ceased the production of its golf equipment. Nonetheless, Finau still uses equipment from other brands, including Nike and Titleist. From his driver to putter, everything that you will find in his bag have been largely contributory of Finau’s success in his recent tournaments.